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Center of Excellence, AI CoE

FirstAlign looks to expand growth in 2017 by helping its customers with the formation of an organizational Center of Excellence (CoE), assisting group members and departments to govern standards.

FirstAlign facilitates the development of tools, techniques, and operating procedures for organizations to establish an effective CoE practice that enables the standardization of product and service offerings around industry standards. Customers can trust the data because it comes from the most reliable source: their own systems.

FirstAlign’s focus is on the customer. Simply technology, although a valued asset, is still just one of a set of means to an end,” said, Jeremy Boddy, Senior Advisor, “Our customers value the way we approach initiatives. They say it repeatedly, we partner with them to simplify complex problems by understanding current and future state, while building, implementing and laying out road-maps for effective outcomes.”

To establish a new Center of Excellence, enterprises can use our tool kits to define a standard governing body that is responsible for overseeing their Target Operating Model (TOM).

FirstAlign expects to enter into new industry verticals that complement current expertise, in building highly-scalable practices, for customers ranging from Fortune 100 to mid-level enterprises.

An effective CoE is able to achieve ROI on investments in several ways:

  • Consolidation of operational areas under a single umbrella, reducing duplication and overlaps.
  • Simplifying core processes and environments.
  • Unlocking continuous improvement, increasing efficiency and long term cost savings.
  • Grow and create competitive advantages.
  • Defined target state service offerings to support target operational models.

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