Using AI to prevent information being sent

FirstAlign welcomes aboard world leader and cyber safety firm, The Guidry Group.  This cooperative relationship assists in solidifying FirstAlign’s Application Portfolio Management (APM) Practice using AI to prevent information being sent, strategically enhances and expand our management tools and provides guidance in support of critical security decisions.

President of the Guidry Group, Brian Valenza explains, “Digitization has yielded increased security breaches.  People don’t want just another monitoring tool that adds to their total costs, instead be alerted before it happens.”

The overall practice helps organizations deter vulnerabilities and malicious behavior through a set of processes that enhance management of security and people as assets.  Through behavioral learning, artificial intelligence, can flag problems by uncovering abnormal activities, like detecting patterns of sending confidential information falling outside of normal parameters stopping parties in receiving items that do not have the right to know there by using AI to prevent information being sent.

Michael Guidry, CEO of the Guidry Group, notes “Handling corporate security, has its own set of challenges.Artificial intelligence can be used to increase resistance in being hacked, providing executives transparency of security breaches before they happen.”

Key Services

  • Extensive expert network of security professionals that significantly impact the bottom line.
  • Macro-to-micro risk analysis to understand the needs and opportunities around security.
  • Presentation visuals using Gartner’s “Magic Quadrants” as guide, providing sneak peeks of risks impacting millions of lost revenue dollars.

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