Whitepaper: Artificial Intelligence & Brand Management

artificial intelligence for brand management whitepaper

An exploration of the Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Management of Brand, Brand Identity and Customer Perception.


A brand is a product, service or concept that is publicly distinguished so that it can be easily communicated, marketed and positioned. Artificial Intelligence or “AI” offers an unprecedented ability to improve brand recognition, experience, perception and bottom line. There is a clear need for intelligent systems to take decisions through strategic intelligence. AI focuses on the development of valuable automated solutions that require less human intervention. We look into brand management through AI-powered customer experiences and advertisements.

As markets become more competitive, branding strategy is vital in gaining and maintaining customer loyalty. AI powered customer experiences and programs significantly aid in this process and hence is an important aspect of Marketing. To select the best branding strategy, a Brand Manager should understand the following aspects:

Human psychology in decision making depends on need and loyalty.

  • Psychology in implementing “best practice” branding strategy.
  • How decision making is affected by Branding Strategies.
  • Effectiveness of the branding strategy on the product or service.

AI has the unprecedented ability to improve brand interaction and is the power to rationalize and take actions that promote the best chance of achieving a specific branding goal. AI helps Marketers make the brand experience more personalized and predictive, combining to provide better products and services. This enables the avoidance of a high degree of fluctuation in customer perception.

AI tools, such as Signal Weighting and Entropy Pooling, are helping in Crisis Management and Promotion of Brand Strategy. Through AI tools companies are achieving significant advancements in customer experience and satisfaction due to improved performance, generating significant value and competitive advantage.

August 2017

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