The next step productivity, AI and disruptive change

The Productivity Step, understand the changing work environment!

Productivity in business and economics is stalling, what can you do to change this alter this slide? Considerable disruptive change is required, is Artificial Intelligence the answer?

AI has taken quantum leaps over recent years, with impacts seen across the spectrum of business and society. Within 10 years all markets will use AI in some form to benefit production and business activity. Take a look at how humans and machines can break that cycle. Work environments will change, benefits to society and the value of being a human will change. It doesn’t have to be for the worse!

Identify the step change in productivity that can be achieved with AI and disruptive change, society and how AI can be of benefit to make life easier and value to being a human being. The sea change that can be achieved by using AI as an extension to human ingenuity, identifying the real opportunity for business and people alike is enormous. Perception and optimism are needed, allowing humans to let go of the mundane and embrace their creativity, pushing towards conceptualizing and strategy, developing into a more satisfied workforce.

Remove the mundane, repetitive low value tasks and release the human experience to focus on the things that matter, building prosperity and performance for all. People focused on strategy and conceptual thinking will develop new ideas and innovations. Build AI trust in the system and make the next logical leap to the future, away from the intensive and time consuming and divert critical resources to strategic thinking.

AI and disruptive change is the key to influencing tis cycle and taking productivity to the next level. AI can complete the mundane faster and more efficiently, making things more convenient, safer, healthier, with life becoming more enjoyable with the focus on that which is truly valuable. Concentrate on leadership and development of value over production. Ability to make decisions because data is available rather than being mired in the day to day.

If focus moves to strategy you can focus on the future and where business needs to go. Perpetual scenario-based simulation models, aligned with real time business and market understanding will provide the decision framework required to give technology, digital and knowledge-based businesses the commercial engine and expertise to grow.

“Improving productivity towards a better tomorrow.”

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