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Augmenting the Attorney team with practical ways to reduce the mundane and focus on the case strategy! Creating Lawyers with intelligence.

Legal Services is a human intensive industry with many lawyers and paralegals working on cases that require hours of strategy and thinking. The truth of course is different, a lot of work is mundane, repetitive and lack human ingenuity.

Research, document analysis and knowledge automaton consume time with little perceived value to the customer. Client engagement is changing. Demands for alternative fee arrangements, analytics and insight into legal spend is squeezing margins with increasing legal work done in house, the need for Lawyers with intelligence arises.

You are invited to better understand legal back office processes, better customer engagement and the need for strategic thinking in adding value above all things. Demand and delivery of legal services has changed, competition is intensifying and morphing. Corporate departments are becoming just another ‘shared service’. Industry is not exploiting AI to create seamless environments; cyber security is having an impact.

Legal services need better client engagement and satisfaction. Predictability, cost certainty and transparency and evolving the attorney role to be more proactive.

Would you benefit from knowledge automation, enhanced analysis, identification of persuasive precedents and automated advice?

Focus on people management, create positive momentum and promote a stronger compliant culture. Spend more time developing strategy with clients rather than producing paperwork.

AI can…

  • Carry out due diligence and research, automate creative processes for self-help advice and documentation generation.
  • Help you in legal analytics, deposition data collection, and assist in better predictive outcomes.
  • Not replace Attorneys but it will enable them to focus on the important aspects of their work, the client!

“Let AI enabled automation do the heavy lifting. Stronger focus, leading to better informed and satisfied clients.”

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Insights: Artificial Intelligence for Legal Services
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Continuous AI, maximizing human potential.

Making a difference by improving the way the world works. Understand probability, by enhancing predictability and strategic focus.

How FirstAlign can help!

  • Discover and deconstruct need
  • Design solution and program
  • Deliver and embed
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