The Top 10 Industrial AI use cases

IoT Analytics’ recently published the Industrial AI Market Report 2020-2025.

As part of the research, the analyst team identified a total of 33 different use cases that employ Artificial Intelligence tools and techniques on (predominantly) IoT-connected data sources and assets of industrial enterprises. These 33 industrial AI use cases have been grouped into 10 broader use case categories which make up the majority of the almost $15B Industrial AI market in 2019.

The top 10 ranked by size are:

  1. Predictive maintenance
  2. Quality inspection & assurance
  3. Manufacturing process optimization
  4. Supply chain optimization
  5. AI-driven cyber-security & privacy
  6. Automated physical security
  7. Automated data management
  8. Smart assistants
  9. AI-driven research & development
  10. Autonomous resource exploration

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