AI washing: The sooner you know the better

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In this world of technology do you feel the constant buzzing of the word “Artificial Intelligence”? From toothbrushes to self-driving cars, everything comes with the Artificial Intelligence (AI) tag. Is everything truly AI or is this AI washing?

The sooner you know the better. AI washing muddies the artificial intelligence products market. Artificial intelligence products are the future and many tech vendors are AI washing to trick potential customers into thinking they’re buying leading-edge software.

What is AI Washing?

AI washing is a marketing strategy that suggests a company’s products or software involves Artificial Intelligence technologies, even though they do not. The term “wash” perhaps refers to the painting technique. It is a marketing ploy, to paint products and services with the AI label.

AI washing muddies the artificial intelligence products market

AI washing is a deception that you need to be aware of. Many companies are investing in AI technology, but the gap between ambition, action and reality is large. In 2017, Gartner stated that “Many technology vendors are now “AI washing” by applying the AI label a little too indiscriminately.” Before you determine whether a product has AI capabilities or not, let’s understand why this is happening. There are two main reasons:

1.    Commercial opportunism:

The false belief that using the AI tag will elevate the value of the product or company. This is one major reason for AI washing. It is a strategy adopted by some companies to increase the price of their products and services.  This in turn increases their revenue.

2.    Lack of clarity:

The term AI is an extremely broad one. It includes everything from the state-of-the-art deep learning models to human coded rules. This adds to the confusion as to what ‘IS’ a true AI product(s).

Be aware!

As a customer or investor, you need to cautious and pay extra attention to anything tagged with the AI label. Here are 3 steps to evaluate the AI capabilities of a software or product.

Right Employee expertise

One of the important factors is to identify the human resource and business capability the company in question employs. Since staff will be the ones involved in implementation and maintenance, their expertise is of great importance. The access to operational infrastructure key to capability. A true AI deployment team will consist of data scientists, architects, and engineers. Developing an accurate AI model is a complex process. It requires different skills than are not possessed by a standard programmer.

Data is crucial

When it comes to AI applications, there is one crucial thing: Data. You need large volumes of data to train AI solutions. If the product is a solution, then pay attention to the vendor’s data. Ask and verify data sources and variety of collection How often the system needs to be retrained?

Robust Implementation

Finally, ensure that the vendor has the right IT infrastructure. There are many challenges in having an AI system. It includes managing data centers, governing access, and securing data. An AI system can also involves a variety of technologies needing to be aggregated to form a solution. Hence the right experienced team and infrastructure play a key role in AI implementation.


There is no doubt genuine AI has revolutionized technological capabilities. It automates business processes, reduces time, saves energy, and reduces overall cost. Genuine AI is powerful and accurate. As a cautious customer be aware than fall prey to AI washing.


Published by FirstAlign

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