The best (and worst) punny jokes only Data Scientists will understand

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If you do understand all of the jokes, then you congratulate yourself on having excellent knowledge of Data Science and Machine Learning! If you have actually laughed at 2 or more jokes, then you have earned MS in Computer Humor! If you just smirked, you probably have a Ph.D. And I have a great joke about AGI, but it will be ready in 10 years.

Enjoy, and if you have more, add them in comments below!

I have a joke about a data miner, but you probably won’t dig it.

Shamail Saeed, @hacklavya
I have a joke about deep learning but I can’t explain it.

Mehmet Suzen, @memosisland

dbredesen, @dbredesen
I have a machine learning joke, but it is not performing as well on a new audience.

Paul Meyer, @pauljmey
I have a new joke about Bayesian inference, but you’d probably like the prior more.

Amey Kumar, @AmeyKUMAR1
I have a joke about Markov models but it’s hidden somewhere.

MicheleV, @micheleveldsman

Oli Mould, @olimould
I have a geography joke, but I don’t know where it is.

We also saw many good jokes on LinkedIn in the post of Andriy Burkov, (ML at Gartner, author of The Hundred-Page Machine Learning Book) and comments:

Andriy Burkov
And I have a machine learning joke but I cannot explain it.

Ayin Vala, Co-Founder, Chief AI Officer at VastBiome
I have an object oriented programming joke. But it has no class.

Philip Welch, vehicle route optimisation | phd | logistics data scientist
I have a quantum mechanics joke. It’s both funny and not funny at the same time.

Nikhil Kumar Mishra, CSE Final Year Pesit | ML Engineer | ML Competitions Enthusiast
I have a data joke, but it’ too dirty.

Mike Abecina, Head of Data Strategy
I have a good Bayesian laugh that came from a prior joke.

Avneesh Sharma, SDE-2 at Amazon | Passionate about building Software Products for masses
I have a java joke but it is too verbose!

Gang Su, Senior Data Scientist at Netflix
I have a regression joke, but it sounds quite mean.

We hope at least one of these jokes made your smirk or facepalm in dismay. What do you have a joke about? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter!

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This post was originally published by at Hacker Noon

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