Top 10 exclusive Slack Machine Learning groups for Data Scientists

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Slack Groups for Data Scientists

Data Quest: Data Quest (Data Science Community) is the largest slack community for data practitioners. Join and chat with data scientists all over the world. Data scientists use this Slack group to swap tutorials and resources, find people to work on projects together, get feedback on their machine learning algorithms and architecture, and discuss machine learning trends and new technologies.

VR Theory: VR Theory is a Slack group discussing the latest in Virtual reality and Augmented reality. Join in on the conversation and nominate the next AMA.

WebVR: WebVR is one of the most active and popular of all VR and AR Slack groups, with some members being well-respected influencers and developers in the field.

Data Science Salon: The official Slack group for Data Science Salon, an organization that hosts conferences for senior executives, data scientists, developers, analysts, and other technical industry professionals.

Kaggle Noobs: Kaggle and data science industry community. This Slack group is a great place to meet other people interested in data science.

AI Crush: AI Crush will help you find investors for your AI projects. This Slack group is also a great way to expand your network in the AI field generally.

Silverpond’s Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: This Slack group was created so that the machine learning and AI community can chat amongst themselves, discuss research, and share their interesting projects.

Commercial Drones: Join commercial drone industry experts and discuss topics including: regulations news, aerial media, surveying, inspection, construction, mining, real estate, etc.

R-Team for Data Analysis: R-team from all around the world, helping each other in learning and exploring the R data analysis tool.

Data Scientist / Spark ML Group: An online Slack team of communication and knowledge management which focus on data science and machine learning by Apache Spark, Python Scikit-Learn, Scala Breeze, R, or any other topics on big data domain.

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This post was originally published by Pink Academy at Medium [AI]

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