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Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Oprah Winfrey, and Mark Zuckerberg all have one thing in common (besides being multi-billionaires).

They read. A lot.

In fact, Bill Gates says that reading is the main way he learns, and Oprah says reading was her path to personal freedom.

99% of content is entertainment, so it can be hard to find the right things to read.

eBooks are a good middleground between frivolous social media posts and dense research papers. They won’t take all your time — but they’ll bring value. If you want to stay on the cutting-edge of AI, then eBooks are a great tool.

Without further ado, here are 7 great AI eBooks.

The Ultimate Guide to AutoML

Automated machine learning rose from obscurity just a few years ago to a global phenomenon today.

AutoML automates the tedious process of creating and deploying machine learning models, allowing you to focus on creative tasks like exploring use-cases and finding business opportunities.

This free eBook will teach you everything you need to know to build and deploy AI models with AutoML — no code needed.

The Ultimate Guide to AutoML [Free eBook] | Obviously AI Blog

AutoML, or automated machine learning, has exploded in recent years. Nowadays, businesses are using countless pieces of…

Dive into Deep Learning

In a way, this eBook is the polar opposite of the above: This is highly-technical, complex, and code-heavy.

You’ll use tools like NumPy/MXNet, PyTorch, and TensorFlow to build machine learning models. This book is used as a textbook at many technical university courses, so it’ll be invaluable if you want to land a technical role.

Dive into Deep Learning — Dive into Deep Learning 0.16.0 documentation

Jan 2021] Check out the brand-new Chapter: Attention Mechanisms. We have also completed PyTorch implementations. To…

DLabs AI-driven object detection software

This eBook is a step-by-step guide to object detection for CTOs and tech leaders.

Object detection has a wide range of use-cases, including:

  • image search
  • targeted advertising
  • image content matching
  • automated image description
  • social media monitoring
  • autonomous driving… and more

In this eBook you’ll learn how to define project scopes, collect data, train models, deploy models, and monitor models.

AI-driven object detection software — DLabs.AI

Download free step-by-step guide for CTOs and tech leaders and find out how to build AI-driven object detection…

Deep Learning — An MIT Press Book

This book is co-authored by artificial intelligence heavyweights Ian Goodfellow, Yoshua Bengio, and Aaron Courville.

While you can buy a hardcover copy on Amazon, the digital version is available free below.

Deep Learning

The Deep Learning textbook is a resource intended to help students and practitioners enter the field of machine…

This eBook is a great technical starter to deep learning, delving into topics like linear algebra, probability theory, different neural network architectures, and deep learning resaerch.

The Hundred-Page Machine Learning Book
User Tools

This machine learning eBook is distributed on the “read first, buy later” principle, which means that you can read it online for free, but if you like what you read, then you’re expected to pay (like test-driving a car before buying).

The eBook is split into two major parts:

  • Supervised Learning
  • Unsupervised and Other Forms of Learning

Interpretable Machine Learning — A Guide for Making Black Box Models Explainable

This free eBook by Christoph Molnar, available on GitHub, teaches you about simple, interpretable models, as well as methods for interpreting black box models.

Interpretable Machine Learning

Machine learning has great potential for improving products, processes and research. But computers usually do not…

Explainable AI is becoming a hot topic, and this eBook will help bring you up to speed.

Machine Learning Yearning

No list of AI eBooks is complete without Andrew Ng’s Machine Learning Yearning, which is available from the DeepLearning.AI site.

Machine Learning Yearning — DeepLearning.AI

AI is transforming numerous industries. Machine Learning Yearning, a free ebook from Andrew Ng, teaches you how to…

Andrew Ng created the original Coursera machine learning course (as well as Coursera itself) that has taught millions of AI enthusiasts and practioners.

With this eBook, you’ll dive into topics like finding promising paths for AI projects, idangosting errors, and more.

There you have it — 7 amazing AI eBooks to kick off 2021!

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This post was originally published by Obviously AI at Medium [AI]

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