Data Science vs Computer Science – Here’s the Difference

Data Science and Computer Science often go hand-in-hand, but what really makes them different? What do they have in common? After experiencing several different roles in Data Science at various companies, I have realized general themes of the Data Science process, along with how Computer Science is incorporated into that process as well. It is important to note the differences between these two positions, as well as when one requires the other, and vice versa.

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Want to get good at Time Series Forecasting? Predict the weather

Temperature gauge

Understanding the components of a time series. For someone who originally comes from an economics background, it might seem quite strange that I would spend some time building models that can predict weather patterns. I often questioned it myself — but there is a reason for it. Temperature patterns are one of the easiest time series to forecast.

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IBM’s Squawk Bot AI helps make sense of financial data flood

In our recent work, we detail an AI and machine learning mechanism able to assist in correlating a large body of text with numerical data series used to describe financial performance as it evolves over time. Our deep learning-based system pulls out from large amounts of textual data potentially relevant and useful textual descriptions that explain the performance of a financial metric of interest – without the need of human experts or labelled data.
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EU should regulate Artificial Intelligence to protect rights

European Union Flag

The last decade has seen an alarming proliferation of artificial intelligence (“AI”) to monitor protests, predict crime, and profile minorities, in ways that gravely threaten our human rights. The European Commission has pledged to develop groundbreaking regulation of these technologies that will “safeguard fundamental EU values and rights.” In a letter published this week, Human Rights Watch joined more than sixty civil society and rights groups to hold the commission to its word, urging decisive action to prevent abusive applications of AI.

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Swedish edtech startup Sana Labs bags £13M to redefine workplace training with AI

Sana Labs, a Stockholm-based online training platform, raised $18 million (approx £13.1 million) in a Series A round led by EQT Ventures. The funding round brings the total amount raised to $23 million (approx £17 million). The new funding will be used to invest more in technology R&D, sales-focused marketing, and people to make this happen.

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And this, in a nutshell’s nutshell, is “Machine Learning”

Combining Part 1 and 2: Probably imagining a robot or terminator when asking about machine learning, in reality, machine learning is beyond and involved in almost all application you can imagine in our today world. Think of spam filter in your email, voice, face and fingerprint recognition on your phone, your Siri on iPhone, google assistance on android device etcetera have an iota of machine learning.

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