Why process mining is seeing triple-digit growth

Process mining

A rise in technologies like AI and robotic process automation (RPA) has increased demand for process mining tools. And more recently, an enterprise spurt in technology investment to respond to the pandemic has accelerated that demand. Gartner estimated the market for dedicated process mining tools grew between from $110 million in 2018 to $320 million in 2019.

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WeWalk smart cane guides visually impaired during Pandemic with Voice Assistant and Ultrasonics

Woman with Smart Cane

Canes have enabled people with impaired vision to travel safely on their own for a very long time. British tech startup WeWalk upgrades that ancient tool with a voice assistant built into its eponymous ‘smart cane’ as part of a suite of high-tech tools for navigating safely. WeWalk, which recently joined Microsoft’s AI for Accessibility program, highlights how voice AI can be applied to improving accessibility, especially as the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the lives of so many people with disabilities.

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Making sense of AI Autonomous Cars going in Reverse and Reversible Computing 

Gear shift

Right now, we assume that time can only flow in one direction, namely forward. Mankind has dreamt forever that it would be nifty if time could be reversed. There are a plethora of science fiction tales including books, short stories, movies, TV shows, poetry, and you name it that have sought to explore what could happen and what might be done if time could flow in reverse.

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The AI industry is built on geographic and social inequality, research shows

The arm of global inequality is long, rendering itself visible particularly in the development of AI and machine learning systems. In a recent paper, researchers at Cornell, the Universite de Montreal, the National Institute of Statistical Sciences (U.S.), and Princeton argue that this inequality in the AI industry involves a concentration of profits and raises the danger of ignoring the contexts to which AI is applied.

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The evolution and future of AI in the Stock Market

Man trader stock market

Are you aware of how the buying and selling of stocks were carried out when there was no internet or computers? Back then, stock exchanges had active trading floors filled with brokers and traders. To make a trade or a purchase, they had to shout or use hand signals to alert others about their buy or sell orders. It looked a whole lot like an auction at a fish market today. But then came computers and the internet to change the game completely.

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AAAI 2021 best Papers announced

Best Papers

The Thirty-Fifth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-21) kicked off today as a virtual conference. The organizing committee announced the Best Paper Awards and Runners Up during this morning’s opening ceremony. Three papers received Best Paper Awards and three were recognized as Runners Up. The total of 9,034 submissions to AAAI 2021 marked another record high, surpassing last year’s 8800. Submissions from China (3,319) almost doubled the number of papers from the United States (1,822). Out of 7,911 papers that went to review, a total of 1,692 papers made it. This year’s acceptance rate was 21 percent, slightly higher than last year’s 20.6 percent.

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Machine Learning for Computer Architecture

One of the key contributors to recent machine learning (ML) advancements is the development of custom accelerators, such as Google TPUs and Edge TPUs, which significantly increase available compute power unlocking various capabilities such as AlphaGo, RankBrain, WaveNets, and Conversational Agents. This increase can lead to improved performance in neural network training and inference, enabling new possibilities in a broad range of applications, such as vision, language, understanding, and self-driving cars.

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Deepgram raises $25M to expand Enterprise Speech Recognition Platform


Speech recognition technology startup Deepgram has closed a $25million Series B funding round led by Tiger Global with participation from Wing Venture Capital, Citi Ventures, SAP.io, and NVIDIA Inception GPU Ventures. The funding almost doubles the investment raised by Deepgram as it expands the reach and features offered by its enterprise-focused automatic speech transcription and analysis platform.

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How RPA and Intelligent Automation contribute to employee success

Group of people standing

Robotic process automation (RPA) is an extremely valuable tool for businesses across the industry spectrum, and this claim is well substantiated. A Deloitte study, for instance, shows that an impressive 86% of companies that have integrated RPA into their processes increased organisational efficiency and productivity. And this is certainly not all.

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Slync.io raises $60 million to automate supply chain processes

Truck parked

Slync.io, a shipping and logistics process automation company, today announced it has closed a $60 million series B funding round. The company says it will leverage the investment to continue serving its customers, grow its physical presence in Europe and Asia, and expand its core teams.

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Microsoft launches Viva, an AI-powered information hub for enterprises

Microsoft Viva

Microsoft today unveiled Microsoft Viva, an employee experience platform that aims to deliver first- and third-party products across learning, wellness, insights, knowledge, and engagement. . A Forrester survey found that between 60% and 73% of all data within corporations is never analyzed for insights or larger trends. The opportunity cost of this unused data is substantial, with a Veritas report pegging it at $3.3 trillion by 2020 if the current trend holds. That’s perhaps why the corporate sector has taken an interest in cognitive search and robotic process automation products that ingest, understand, organize, and act on digital content from multiple digital sources.

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Retraining Machine Learning Model approaches

Typewriter and items

Generally machine learning models will be trained by some learning between set of input features and dependent feature or target variable. The aim of the model is to minimize the prediction error by applying or optimizing cost functions, and when we found some optimized models, we will deploy into the production and the aim is that model will generate accurate predictions on future unseen data as well so the goal is that model will predict the future unseen data as accurately as data used during the training period.

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Microsoft debuts Synthetic Speech Platform ‘Custom Neural Voice’

Microsoft has unveiled the Custom Neural Voice service and begun accepting applications from customers interested in a synthetic voice built on the neural text-to-speech (TTS) feature of Azure Cognitive Services. Custom Neural Voice is already in use by brands like Warner Bros. and Progressive, but any company can now seek to build their own artificial voice actors.

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Securing Healthcare AI with confidential computing

The application of artificial intelligence (AI) within healthcare and the life sciences represents one of the most exciting and valuable areas of scientific research. In this blog, we consider how AI can be adopted by healthcare organizations while ensuring compliance with the data privacy laws governing the use of protected healthcare information (PHI) sourced from multiple jurisdictions.

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Use cases for Data Science & Artificial Intelligence(AI) in HealthCare

In this article, we will be discussing, how data science and AI can be implemented in the healthcare industry, How data science & AI is changing the healthcare industry? Any business that is making business decisions based on facts, rather than based on gut feelings, opinions, and emotions, is a data–driven company. In a data-driven organization, data is considered as first-class citizens.

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ML Infrastructure Tools — ML Observability

ML Observability

Machine Learning (ML) is being adopted by businesses in almost every industry. Many businesses are looking towards ML Infrastructure platforms to propel their movement of leveraging AI in their business. Understanding the various platforms and offerings can be a challenge. The ML Infrastructure space is crowded, confusing, and complex. To understand the ecosystem, we broadly segment the machine learning workflow into three stages…

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How AI is redefining RPA

Gartner has identified Robotic Process Automation to be the fastest-growing segment of the global enterprise software market, predicting RPA software revenue to reach $1.89 billion in 2021. It is also one of the few technologies to gain significant traction during the pandemic and rapidly continues to expand in 2021. A key contributor to its rapid growth could be its convergence with another powerful technology: Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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IBM quantum computing development roadmap envisions applications running 100 times faster

IBM believes it has an achievable timetable to advance its quantum hardware to reach the power and reliability that will allow for commercial applications within 5 years. The challenge then is enabling the tools and the environment to let companies and developers start experimenting with writing the applications that will allow them to harness this power.

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