Carnegie Researchers use AI to review Scientific Papers

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Every year, the machine learning community is treated to at least half a dozen international conferences flaunting exceptional research from across the world. The not so attractive aspect of these conferences is the review system for the researchers whose credentials and careers are intrinsically linked to the acceptance at these conferences. Every year, a handful of researchers write lengthy blog posts on how they were overlooked for a petty reason.

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Multi-Label Classification

Multi-label classification sounds similar to multi-label classification but is completely different. These are one of the few terms that when you read about you get the idea completely but when you try to implement your brain goes like multi… what? What was that? Well, I can assure you that feeling confused is quite normal as there are a lot of fancy terms in machine learning and the purpose of this blog is to clarify one of them.

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Reinforcement Learning uncovered

Reinforcement learning is one of the most exciting and promising research topics of AI. During latest years, it repeatedly proved to be one of the most effective research field, able to defeat humans in many environments. In 2016 an RL agent beaten Lee Sedol in the game of Go, while in 2019 competed at grand master level in the game of starcraft. But how does reinforcement learning works exactly?

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A simple technique to Enhance Trading Decisions

Exploiting Lookback Periods to Have a Wider Look at Momentum. The famous Relative Strength Index is used commonly by retail and institutional traders to understand where do we stand momentum-wise. The choice between lookback period makes the task even more difficult and longer. Which one is better? We do not have to answer that question as we can develop a solution that gives us multiple answers as we will see in the article.

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How to avoid ethical missteps by artificial intelligence

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Artificial intelligence has sometimes fallen into glaring and embarrassing errors. In the industry, you only have to mention the ‘gorilla case’ and everyone will understand that you are referring to the 2015 incident, when the Google Photos AI model providing a description to the images indicated two black people as ‘gorillas’. One of the people involved, developer Jacky Alciné, reported it on Twitter and Google apologised profusely…

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Prediction of Stock Prices and forecasting using Deep Learning

Various techniques have been used for decades such as observing the Stock’s momentum, Regression techniques to estimate a mathematical function of the stock, Sentiment Analysis, etc. Recently, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have taken the world by storm. Here, we apply Deep Learning techniques in order to make predictions of stock prices using the concept of Long Short Term Memory, in other words, an LSTM Model.

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Self-driving car startup today announced it has raised $100 million in an extension of its series C round. The funds bring the company’s total raised to over $1 billion at a post-money valuation of $5.3 billion, up from $3 billion as of February 2020.
Some experts predict the pandemic will hasten the adoption of autonomous transportation technologies. Despite needing disinfection, driverless cars can potentially minimize the risk of spreading disease. For example, says it has delivered more than 15,000 packages of food and health kits in California during the COVID-19 health crisis.

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Developing the business case for an AI solution

AI solutions have a huge potential for businesses to leverage data and gain a competitive advantage. However, one common inhibiting factor is the uncertainty about the business case for AI. This article provides practical guidance on how to structure the benefits measurement for AI use cases and translate technical metrics to financial KPIs.

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Top Machine Learning books to read in 2021

Machine Learning is on the raise with big businesses implementing AI in every single business domain. If you want to jump in, or you’re already in trying to learn more, here’s the list of top machine learning books you can find in 2021. Whether you’re an absolute beginner and haven’t heard of Python before (it’s not a snake!), or you’ve dozens of CNNs in PyTorch, you’ll find something for you. Read on.

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