Scrum Vs. Waterfall: What is the Difference?

Office scene

In the last two decades, a lot of robust methodologies and frameworks for project management have established their roots deeply in the market. And to get effective collaboration and team management in the workplace, many Industries prefer methodologies to accomplish the project. However, having several methodologies as options makes the task hard, especially when each of them is unique in one way or the other.

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A brief Introduction to 5 predictive Models in Data Science

Predictive Modeling in Data Science answers the question “What is going to happen in the future, based on known past behaviors?” Modeling is an essential part of Data Science and it is mainly divided into predictive and preventive modeling. Predictive modeling is a process of using data and statistical algorithms to predict outcomes with data models.

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3D Scene understanding with TensorFlow 3D

3D Scene understanding

The growing ubiquity of 3D sensors (e.g., Lidar, depth sensing cameras and radar) over the last few years has created a need for scene understanding technology that can process the data these devices capture. Such technology can enable machine learning (ML) systems that use these sensors, like autonomous cars and robots, to navigate and operate in the real world, and can create an improved augmented reality experience on mobile devices. r.

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Researchers propose platform for evaluating disease-forecasting AI methods

Disease cell

Since the start of the pandemic, there’s been an influx of papers on epidemic forecasting. Indeed, as of February, a search for “COVID forecasting” on Google Scholar yields over 14,000 results. But while many researchers compare their approaches against traditional modeling strategies, forecasts are highly sensitive to the implementation, which requires a well-defined benchmark.

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Humana Insurance and IBM Watson are building a Virtual Assistant for navigating Healthcare

IBM Watson Health

Health insurance giant Humana is launching a chatbot powered by IBM Watson’s conversational AI to give personalized assistance to people with health and dental insurance provided by their employer. Humana using the IBM Watson Assistant for Health Benefits marks a major milestone in the growing healthcare AI market, which has accelerated in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting demand on the healthcare industry and its ancillaries.

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AI autonomous Cars might showcase the wisdom of the Einstein Clock Paradox 

Einstein Paradox Clock

Are you familiar with the famous twin’s paradox that was proffered by Einstein? It’s quite a hoot. The topic focuses on the foundational nature of time and clocks. Einstein brought up the topic while conceiving the theories of relativity, though historians point out that the thought experiment can be traced to a 1911 paper from scientist Paul Langevin. In any case, let’s jump into the details and put aside the historical origins.

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Immunai raises $60 million to analyze the immune system with AI

Lung Xray

Immunai, a startup developing an AI platform to analyze the human immune system, today announced that it raised $60 million. The company says it will use the funds to broaden its functional genomics capabilities and help its partners prioritize, discover, and develop new therapies and drug combinations.

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AI software tool helping Quantum Computers to ‘Self-Tune’ for improved performance

Quantum computing

With the overriding goal of reducing hardware errors and instability caused by environment noise, quantum computing software startup Q-CTRL has unveiled an AI-based toolset billed as enabling quantum computers to “self-tune” for noise and error suppression.

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Machine Learning – it’s all about assumptions

Machine Learning – it’s all about assumptions. There are tons of Data Science enthusiasts who are either looking for a job in Data Science or switching jobs for better opportunities. Every one of these individuals must to go through some strict hiring process containing several rounds of interviews. There are several basic questions which a recruiter/interviewer expects to be answered. Knowing about the assumptions of the popular Machine Learning Algorithms along with their Pros & Cons is one of them.

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U.S.-India Artificial Intelligence Cooperation

US India Summit

The Biden administration plans to prioritize federal funding for U.S. research and development on artificial intelligence (AI) and other advanced technologies. If products created from these technologies are to enter the global marketplace, administration officials will need to work with like-minded countries to create new AI standards and principles consistent with democratic values and fair markets. India is well-placed to be an essential part of these efforts…

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Update on Our Progress on AI and Hate Speech Detection

Hate speech Detection

AI gets better every day. Here’s what that means for stopping hate speech. The numbers Facebook released today in our latest Community Standards Enforcement Report are evidence of the many ways technology is delivering the kind of progress our world demands. In the final three months of 2020, we did better than ever before to proactively detect hate speech and bullying and harassment content — 97% of hate speech taken down from Facebook was spotted by our automated systems before any human flagged it, up from 94% in the previous quarter and 80.5% in late 2019.

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Meet Angela Sheffield, the female veteran working in STEM to shape artificial intelligence for nuclear weapons detection

Angela Sheffield NISA

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a fascinating concept that has brought us movie villains, chess-playing supercomputers, and most recently, deepfake videos that can manipulate audio and video like never before. But what does something like AI this have to do with nuclear weapons and (NNSA)? 

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How to use self-directed learning when onboarding front-line workers

2 employess

In a volatile market, businesses need to remain agile. Part of this is down to having robust processes to onboard new employees efficiently. Here, we’ll look at how learning and development managers can empower employees to undertake self-directed learning and improve outcomes for workplace reinforcement and knowledge retention.

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