Shell and Microsoft announce the Open AI Energy Initiative for AI-Based Energy solutions

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This month, Shell, Microsoft,, and Baker Hughes announced the launch of their collaborative AI initiative, Open AI Energy Initiative™ (OAI). Designed for the process and energy sectors, OAI is an open-source tool that offers AI-based solutions, diagnostics, and monitoring to prevent crucial issues.


Currently, these solutions are primarily focused on preventing downtime, particularly unplanned downtime that can be caused by unexpected equipment failure and other variables. Using historical data provided by sensors on the equipment, the AI algorithms can predict when a key component is likely to fail or need maintenance. These predictions can then be used by operators to not only address issues before they become critical, but also to integrate maintenance into the schedule in a way that minimizes the loss of productivity.


The Open AI Energy Initiative is supported by Microsoft Azure’s cloud services and Baker Hughes’ BakerHughesC3 (BHC3) AI Suite. The BHC3 AI Suite is well designed for helping organizations prevent downtime. It uses AI to help engineers predict when maintenance is needed or equipment failure is probable.

The Future

As an open-source AI ecosystem, other organizations are able to use the available algorithms, as well as create their own, which will eventually be available on the marketplace. Ultimately, one of the goals is to expand beyond the energy and process sectors to include other utilities. Perhaps most importantly, the creation of the Open AI Energy Initiative is a significant step toward achieving Industry 4.0 and autonomous operations.

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This post was originally published by ODSC - Open Data Science at Medium [AI]

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