[Podcast] Leveling Playing Field between Humans and Algorithms

Welcome Dr. Peter Cotton. We talk about algorithms and innovation, with a focus on financial data. How does a hedge fund normalize messy financial data to build bespoke predictive models? What are the current trends and challenges related to machine learning in the financial services industry? From the innovation point of view, what happens when we cut down the cost of building algorithms to minimum functionality?

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Accuracy : A performance measure of a model

By Performance measure of a model what I mean is to know how well our model( classification model or Regression model) is performing with the test data or live data. Performance of a model is always measured on test data, not training data or validation data. Amongst all the available performance measures , accuracy is the most easy to understand metric.

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Agents in Artificial Intelligence

AI Agents

Artificial Intelligence study is composed of rational agents. A rational agent could be anything which make decisions, program, machine or a person. Agent carries out the actions which give the best outcome based on past and present percepts. An AI system contains and agent and the environment on which agent perform actions.

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