For FarmWise’s Cofounders, opportunity was in the Weeds


Before the sun comes up over the rows of salad greens and cauliflower and other vegetables that blanket California’s farms, operators who have been trained to manage the hulking orange machines known Titan FT-35s load them up from the Salinas hub of Farmwise—a startup that offers robotic weeding as a service—and transport them via tractor-trailer to farms in California and Arizona. 

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Will Tesla survive Elon Musk’s bumbling leadership?

Tesla stock graph

On the one hand, Musk has a brilliant once-in-a-generation intellect. He’s the architect and driving force behind several incredibly successful tech companies ranging from PayPal to SpaceX. Musk is the epitome of a big-picture person with the vision and gumption to take far-fetched, pie-in-the-sky ideas and ground them in reality.

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What Microsoft’s acquisition of Nuance could mean for the Future of Workplace AI

Microsoft’s recent announcement that it is acquiring Nuance could signal a new era of voice-enabled technologies in the enterprise. However, the purchase price of $19.7 billion indicates that Microsoft has plans to bring more voice recognition technology to other vertical markets aside from healthcare. We sat down with Igor Jablokov, founder and CEO of augmented AI company Pryon and an early pioneer of automated cloud platforms for voice recognition that helped invent the technology that led to Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa, to talk about Microsoft’s move and how intelligent voice technology could impact the workplace

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Red Hat open-sources TrustyAI, an auditing tool for AI decision systems

TrustyAI Kogito

Red Hat developed the TrustyAI Explainability Toolkit, a library leveraging techniques for explaining automated decision-making systems. Part of Kogito, Red Hat’s cloud-native business automation framework, TrustyAI enriches AI model execution information through algorithms while extracting, collecting, and publishing metadata for auditing and compliance.

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6 manufacturing execs discuss how data collection and automation are changing the industry

6 manufacturing execs

6 manufacturing execs chatted about the benefits of new communication tools, the advantage of artificial intelligence and automation, and how their companies have pushed themselves to focus on sustainability. 

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Robotic vision startup Plus One raises $33M

Robot picking

San Antonio-based Plus One Robotics today announced a $33 million Series B. The round follows an $8.3 million Series A announced in 2018 and brings the company’s total funding to north of $40 million. The round, led by McRock Capital and TransLink Ventures, features BMWi Ventures, Kensington Capital Partners and Ironspring Ventures, along with existing investors.

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Arturo Raises $25 Million in Series B Funding For AI Platform to Help P&C Insurers and Banks Better Understand Physical Properties

Arturo platform

Arturo, an AI-powered platform that derives property insights and predictive analytics from aerial and satellite imagery, raised $25 million in a Series B funding round led by Atlantic Bridge Capital, with participation from RPS Ventures and existing investors Crosslink Capital and IAG Firemark Ventures – the venture capital fund for IAG, Australia’s largest general insurer.

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Interactive Audio Ad startup Instreamatic raises $6.1M


Interactive audio ad platform Instreamatic announced a $6.1 million Series A funding round led by Progress Ventures. The funding, which also included Google Assistant Investments and Accomplice as investors, will go toward scaling the business and adding more features as interest in ads you can talk to begins to surge.

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Instreamatic, which inserts interactive voice ads into audio streams, raises $6.1M Series A round


Interactive voice advertising startup Instreamatic, which can insert interactive voice ads into an audio stream, has raised $6.1 million in a Series A funding led by Progress Ventures led the round, joined by Accomplice, and Google Assistant Investments.

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How Merck works with Seeqc to cut through quantum computing hype

Merck - Seeqc lab

When it comes to grappling with the future of quantum computing, enterprises are scrambling to figure just how seriously they should take this new computing architecture. Many executives are trapped between the anxiety of missing the next wave of innovation and the fear of being played for suckers by people overhyping quantum’s revolutionary potential. That’s why the approach to quantum by pharmaceutical giant Merck offers a clear-eyed roadmap for other enterprises to follow.

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Arm’s Neoverse server chips generate at least 40% better performance

Arm Neoverse

The Arm Neoverse V1 is a server chip microarchitecture that Arm’s customers — the big chip makers of the world — can design chips around for servers in big datacenters that power the internet. The V1 supports Scalable Vector Extension (SVE) and delivers more than 50% performance increases for high-performance computing machine learning workloads.

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Adobe extends AI-infused customer analytics platform to offline data

Adobe analytics platform

Adobe today unfurled an enhanced Adobe Customer Journey Analytics cloud service that enables organizations to apply AI to data from both online and offline sources to gain deeper insights into customer behavior. Available as an extension to the Adobe Experience Platform, the Adobe Customer Journey Analytics service extends the analytics capabilities based on its Sensei AI platform that is already widely employed to track online engagements into the realm of data collected offline.

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Tellius announces $8M Series A to build ML-fueled business data query tool

Pen/ stilo touch screen

Getting actionable business information into the hands of users who need it has always been a challenge. If you have to wait for experts to help you find the answers, chances are you’re going to be too late. Enter Tellius, an early stage startup building a solution to help business users find the information they need when they need it. Today the company announced an $8 million Series A led by Sands Capital Ventures with participation from Grotech. Today’s investment brings the total raised to $17 million, according to the company.

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Watch out these Top 10 billionaires harnessing AI

Billionaires and AI

These billionaires have invested in AI to enhance their business growth. The Covid-19 pandemic has visibly shaken the global economy and we are still trying to recoup from it. Many industries harnessed the power of technology to keep their market value in check and ensure agility and business growth even in times of crisis. AI played a pivotal role in the rapid acceleration of digital transformation across the globe.

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What AI Founders think about Human Jobs in and after the Pandemic

Human jobs post pandemic

Rapid adoption of robots and AI automation helped keep businesses afloat while avoiding workplace-spread infections. But nearly 40 million jobs were lost while the pandemic was at its worst, and by some estimates, at last 42% won’t come back. The question of jobs—who’s lost them, whether they’ll come back  and how they’re going to change—is still in question. The companies in this year’s Forbes AI50 list are full of ideas about what’s going to happen—to humans, not robots. 

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A paper summarizer with Python and GPT-3

When access to the GPT-3 api was released to researchers and engineers (upon request) I immediately requested it so I could see what kind of interesting tools one could write and what kind of interesting research questions could be asked. Upon trying the api and the awesome tools that come with it, I realized that one of my favorite applications of GPT-3 was for paper summarization, so I decided to test it out.

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