[Videos] Top 10 Reinforcement Learning Stock Trading YouTube

Deep learning reinforcement YouTube video list

Top 10 Reinforcement Learning Trading Strategies

Deep learning reinforcement continues to advance with techniques applied in stock trading. There are many videos that get uploaded to YouTube.  The following is a top ten list, channels and additional resources to follow that cover reinforcement learning in stock trading.

Reinforcement Learning for Trading Practical Examples and Lessons Learned – Dr. Tom Starke

Reinforcement and mean-field games in algorithmic trading – Sebastian Jaimungal
The Alan Turing Institute

Applying Deep Reinforcement Learning to Trading with Dr. Tucker Balch
Lucena Research, Inc.

Reinforcement Learning for Trading Tutorial | $GME RL Python Trading
Nicholas Renotte

I coded a stock market trading bot. This is how much it made in a week
Jacob Amaral

Q Learning for Trading
Siraj Raval

Build a trading bot with Deep Reinforcement Learning using Ray and RLlib
Romeo Kienzler

Part VIII. Reinforcement Learning Trading Strategy. DQN: QNetwork, QRNNNetwork

FinRL: A Deep Reinforcement Learning Library for Automated Trading in Quantitative Finance

Neural Networks from Scratch – P.1 Intro and Neuron Code


Additional Mentions

The 7 Reasons Most Machine Learning Funds Fail Marcos Lopez de Prado from QuantCon 2018
Deep Learning with Python in Finance – Singapore Python User Group – Engineers.SG
Autonomous Trading System using Reinforcement Learning by Melissa Tan – Matloob Khushi
Reinforcement Learning for Stock Prediction – Siraj Raval with code 

Blogs and Websites

Deep RL for Trading [Link…]
Quantstart – Machine Learning for Trading articles [Link…]
AAA Quants, Tom Starke Blog [Link…]
Quantopian – YouTube [Link…]
DeepMind – YouTube [Link…]
Sentdex – YouTube [Link…]
RobotWealth, Kris Longmore Blog [Link…]


DQN – Reinforcement Learning for finance [Link…]
Deep-Reinforcement-Stock-Trading leverage deep RL in portfolio management [Link…]
Deep Reinforcement Learning for Automated Stock Trading: An Ensemble Strategy [Link…]
Deep-Reinforcement-Stock-Trading in portfolio management [Link…]
AutomatedStockTrading-DeepQ-Learning [Link…]
Practical Deep RL Approach for Stock Trading – OpenAI + FinRL library [Link…]
RL Based Stock Trader – Institute Technical Summer project of IIT Bombay [Link…]
Deep-Reinforcement-Learning-in-Stock-Trading – actor-critic model to learn strategies in pair trading [Link…]
deep_portfolio – Use RL and Supervised learning to Optimize portfolio allocation [Link…]
Thesis – Reinforcement Learning for Automated Trading [Link…]
Deep-Trading-Agent – Deep RL based Trading Agent for Bitcoin [Link…]
Personae – RL & SL Methods and Envs For Quantitative Trading [Link…]
Optimistic Bull or Pessimistic Bear: Deep RL for Stock Portfolio Allocation [Link…]
PGPortfolio – “Deep RL for the Financial Portfolio Management Problem” [Link…]
bulbea – Deep Learning based Python for Stock Market Prediction [Link…]
QLearning_Trading – Learning to trade under the RL framework [Link…]
deep_trader – Use RL on stock market and agent tries to learn trading [Link…]
stock_market_reinforcement_learning – OpenAI Gym using Keras [Link…]
qtrader – RL for Portfolio Management [Link…]
deepstock – Technical experimentations to beat the stock market [Link…]
Flow – High frequency AI based algorithmic trading module [Link…]


Machine Learning Applied To Real World Quant Strategies [Link…]
Financial Signal Processing and Machine Learning (Wiley – IEEE) [Link…]
Big Data and Machine Learning in Quantitative Investment (Wiley Finance) [Link…]
Statistically Sound Machine Learning for Algorithmic Trading of Financial Instruments [Link…]
Advances in Financial Machine Learning [Link…]
Mastering Reinforcement Learning with Python [Link…]
Reinforcement Learning [Link…]
Foundations of Deep Reinforcement Learning: Theory and Practice in Python [Link…]
Python Reinforcement Learning: Solve complex real-world problems by mastering reinforcement learning algorithms using OpenAI Gym and TensorFlow [Link…]

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