5 AI & Machine Learning Podcasts you should follow

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Featuring engineering leaders, founders and academics from AI/ ML field

Podcasts are excellent for keeping up with the dope in your field and also familiarise with the processes/people behind the scenes.

Keeping up with the trend, many podcasts cropped up in AI/ML space and most of them are pretty informative featuring top engineers/scientists/CEOs/professors from industry and academia.

Following are five of the podcasts which I personally think are the best (in no particular order) by virtue of their content and quality of guests/hosts.

  1. Gradient Dissent by Lukas Biewald

This is hosted by Lukas Biewald who is heavy on startup creds — he is the founder & CEO of Weights & Biases, a company that builds developer tools for ML. He also founded Figure Eight, an AI/ML company that was sold for $300 million.

Lukas is known for prying out details on technology and engineering practices at organisations his guests are associated with. The interesting part is he signs off every episode by seeking their take on — 1)Underrated aspects in ML & Data Science. 2) Challenges to make ML work in real-world.

Some of the guests include fast.ai’s Jeremy Howard, Anaconda CEO Peter Wang and Google’s Director of Research — Peter Norvig.

2. Data Driven NYC by Matt Turck

Data Driven NYC is hosted by Matt Turck, a venture capitalist (FirstMark Capital) with a bunch of unicorns in his portfolio. This podcast hosts guests from wide spectrum of data field — AI, ML, data science, analytics & data engineering.

Matt’s questions focus on technology trends/engineering and also career progression of the guests — how they ended up in their current role.

Some episodes to watch: George Fraser, CEO of Fivetran, Jerome Pesenti, Head of AI at Facebook and Ali Ghodsi, CEO of Databricks.

3. Lex Fridman

Arguably one of the most popular podcasters on Youtube(1+ million subscribers), Lex Fridman started off with guests from AI field but gradually began featuring guests from all walks of life. Lex is an AI researcher and teacher at MIT and also self-admittedly a bot.

Some episodes to watch: Elon Musk, Francois Chollet(creator of Keras), Andrew Ng, Guido van Rossum (creator of Python) and Yann LeCun.

4. a16z (Andreessen Horowitz)

‘The a16z podcast’ is run by Andreessen Horowitz, a top venture capital firm whose portfolio features some of the hottest startups in the last decade. They pioneered the model of building direct relationship with audience by featuring great content on their website.

This podcast features speakers from various technological backgrounds. Episodes related to AI/ML are usually hosted by Martin Casado (Scroll through the list of his posts in the link to find podcasts related to ML).

Recommended episodes: The Product Edge in Machine Learning Startups, The Great Data Debate & Reining in Complexity — Data Science & Future of AI/ML Businesses.

5. The Robot Brains by Pieter Abbeel

Started just this March, this podcast is hosted by Pieter Abbeel, a professor at UC Berkeley and founder of covariant.ai. It started off by featuring Andrej Karpathy of Tesla and Yann LeCun.

What makes this podcast special is being an academic Pieter brings a unique perspective to the task of interviewing. Anticipating many great episodes from him in future.

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This post was originally published by Vijay Vankayalapati at Medium [AI]

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