MIT Researchers Leverage Machine Learning for better Lidar (with video)

Car with LIDAR

Lidar (short for light detection and ranging) is an increasingly common technology – it’s embedded in iPhones and Teslas – that uses lasers to measure distances, allowing accurate remote mapping of small and large spaces. In satellites, for instance, lidar is used to measure elevation; in self-driving cars, it’s used to map the road, obstacles, and so on. Now, researchers from MIT are leveraging machine learning to allow more detailed processing of lidar data in real-time. 

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FourKites awarded patent for AI-Powered ETA using Smart Forecasted Arrival Engine


FourKites, the world’s leading real-time supply chain visibility platform, announced it has been awarded U.S. Patent No. 11,017,347 by the US Patent Office for its Smart Forecasted Arrival (SFA) capabilities, which provide companies with highly frequent and accurate ETAs for freight in transit — even when that truck lacks any technology to transmit location data. SFA is now available to FourKites customers globally, extending the benefits of real-time visibility to freight that would otherwise be invisible to modern supply chain management solutions.

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Global AI market predicted to reach nearly $1 trillion by 2028

Global AI Market

The financial outlook for the global artificial intelligence market looks pretty good in 2021. But that’s nothing compared to the expansion experts expect to see over the next seven years. According to a recently released analysis report from Grand View Research, the AI market is expected to reach nearly $100 billion in 2021 and nearly ten times that by 2028.

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QIMA acquires stake in London-based Supply Chain Resiliency startup

hand - binary - squares

QIMA, the leading provider of quality control and supply chain compliance solutions, announces it has invested in, a London-based startup that builds supply chain digital replicas and uses artificial intelligence to help enterprises prevent and mitigate supply chain disruptions in real-time or before they occur.

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Project Starline by Google promises to usher in a new era of Video Conferencing with 3D Display

Project Starline - 3D display

Human beings are social animals who like to connect with their counterparts in one way or another. While we have reached significant milestones in the arena of technology, communication remains a considerable roadblock. An entire plethora of video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, among significant others, have been made available to the masses and are in constant use, especially due to the pandemic. However, all of them are far behind the actual face-to-face talking experience, thereby offering only limited connectivity.

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Google proposes efficient and modular Implicit Differentiation for Optimization Problems

A new Google Research study has proposed a unified, efficient and modular approach for implicit differentiation of optimization problems that combines the benefits of implicit differentiation and automatic differentiation (autodiff). The researchers say solvers equipped with implicit differentiation set up by the proposed framework can make the autodiff process more efficient for end-users.

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EdgeCortix collaborates with Cadence to accelerate AI Chip Design

Cadence - Edgecortix

Cadence Design Systems, Inc. announced that EdgeCortix, Inc., a leading innovator, focused on artificial intelligence (AI) driven software and hardware acceleration solutions, specially designed for edge computing scenarios, has deployed multiple Cadence verification and digital tools to accelerate the design and verification of its edge AI chips.

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No code introduction to neural networks

The simple architecture explained – Neural networks have been around for a long time, being developed in the 1960s as a way to simulate neural activity for the development of artificial intelligence systems. However, since then they have developed into a useful analytical tool often used in replace of, or in conjunction with, standard statistical models such as regression or classification as they can be used to predict or more a specific output.

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Mendel raises $18M to tease out data structure from medicine’s disparate document trove

Mendel AI

Today, a startup called Mendel, which has built an AI platform both to ingest and bring order to that body of information, is announcing $18 million in funding to continue its growth and to build out what it describes as a “clinical data marketplace” for people not just to organize, but also to share and exchange that data for research purposes. It’s also going to be using the funding to hire more talent — technical and support — for its two offices, in San Jose, CA and Cairo, Egypt.

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Mythic launches analog AI processor that consumes 10 times less power

Mythic M1076

Analog AI processor company Mythic launched its M1076 Analog Matrix Processor today to provide low-power AI processing. The company uses analog circuits rather than digital to create its processor, making it easier to integrate memory into the processor and operate its device with 10 times less power than a typical system-on-chip or graphics processing unit (GPU).

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Artificial Intelligence can write flawless Code! Will Coding be useless?

Source AI

Learn to write quality computer code can take years, but what if a computer that can program itself is more likely to learn the language faster, converse fluently, and even model human cognition. The curiosity inside you must be popping out with a question about how a machine can handle such a difficult task? Well, Source AI, a Paris-based firm, believes that programming shouldn’t be so difficult.

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What “Shifting Left” in Software really means for blameless DevOps

Shifting left - Blameless DevOps

A few really interesting ideas came out of this week’s panel on Enabling Smart Engineering Discussions. There’s a lot of talk these days around how to practice a “blameless culture” in software engineering, and I think it’s important to note the variety of views that make up that idea.

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