Payment Engine runs on Artificial Neural Networks

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OpenCode AI are developing a payment engine which runs omartificial neural network for customer, business data visualization and gathering users traction.

Software Architecture :

Payment Engine ( OpenPay AI ) is developed by OpenCode AI using deep core Machine learning APIs and Artificial Intelligence models for best usage, security and collecting user traction.

Neural Networks which helps in showing personalized results, auto-capture of payment activities which help in fraud prevention activities.

Google Security & Privacy in combination with our security ( Web Layer ) System helps to keep your data and Transactions secure.

Features :

  1. Web payment kit with desktop UPI access code support.
  2. Applepay option for web transaction.
  3. Hide my Transaction ID for feature.
  4. NFT store with Buying & Selling Access in web app.
  5. 5-layer deep core security .

We will update more data soon……

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Links :

Website : OpenCode AI

Github : OpenCode AI Github

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This post was originally published by OpenCode AI at Medium [AI]

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