The user-experience crisis in bioinformatics & artificial intelligence softwares

Cell structure

Biology was once a domain where we could use only sight to make distinct differences between vegetal, animal & bacteria cells. During these times, it was possible for a single person to study a range variety of organisms and to still discover new mechanisms. However, nowadays you cannot simply be a biologist anymore.

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Jensen Huang: Racism is one flywheel we must stop [with Video]

Jensen Huang - CEO Nvidia

Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia, received the distinguished lifetime achievement award by the Asian American Engineer of the Year from the Chinese Institute of Engineers (CIE) group. And in his acceptance speech, he made a rare comment beyond Nvidia’s business matters: “Racism is one flywheel we must stop.”

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Chicago’s startup Paro, a provider of on-demand Financial Expertise, secures $25M via Series B


aro has announced a $25 million Series B funding round. The rapidly-growing startup offers businesses with flexible finance solutions through teams of remote finance professionals in order to help them address problems and support their ongoing growth.

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Zoom acquires digital contact center Five9 for $14.7B

Zoom - Five9

Zoom has revealed that it will purchase cloud contact center Five9 for $14.7 billion in stock. The acquisition will bring Five9’s enterprise digital contact center to Zoom’s communication suite, including the AI call center agents Five9 picked up by acquiring Inference Solutions in late 2020.

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[Video] The Data Religion: What’s in common between AI and Faith?

AI and religion

Could artificial intelligence one day be able to read the human mind? Can Big Tech get inside our heads? Would new technology allow us to send text messages simply by thinking and by typing directly from the brain? It would be crazy amazing if “silent speech” and “brain reading” would one day become a reality.

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NVIDIA Launches TensorRT 8 that improves AI Inference Performance making Conversational AI smarter and more interactive from Cloud to Edge

Tensor 8

Today, NVIDIA released the eighth generation of the company’s AI software: TensorRT™ 8, which cuts inference time for language queries in half. This latest version of the software allows firms to deliver conversational AI applications with quality and responsiveness that was never possible before.  

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Numerade lands $100M valuation for short-form STEM videos

Developer working on a mathematical equation

Edtech entrepreneurs are using their moment in the sun to rethink the structures and impact of nearly every aspect of modern-day learning, from the art of testing to the reality of information retention. Yet, the most popular product up for grabs may just be a seemingly simple one: the almighty tutoring session. and Numerade, an edtech founded in 2018, just had its take on scalable, high-quality tutoring sessions valued at $100 million.

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New Protein Folding AI just made a ‘Once In a Generation’ advance in Biology

Proteins model

Proteins are the minions of life. They form our bodies, fuel our metabolism, and are the target of most of today’s medicine. They start out as a simple ribbon, translated from DNA, and subsequently fold into intricate three-dimensional (3D) architectures. Similar to Transformers, many protein units further assemble into massive, moving complexes that change their structure depending on their functional needs at the moment.

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TensorRT 8 provides leading Enterprises Fast AI Inference Performance

Inference is complex

NVIDIA today launched TensorRT™ 8, the eighth generation of the company’s AI software, which slashes inference time in half for language queries — enabling developers to build the world’s best-performing search engines, ad recommendations and chatbots and offer them from the cloud to the edge.

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Path Robotics raises another $100M

Path Robotics

In May, Path Robotics announced a $56 million Series B. It was a sizable raise, as far as robotics rounds go. But the Columbus, Ohio-based startup is already back for more, raising a “pre-emptive” Series C a mere two and a half months later. And it’s a biggie. The firm has raised $100 million, led by Tiger Global and featuring participation from Silicon Valley Bank, an existing investor. The deal brings the robotic welding firm’s total funding to $171 million.

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Robot operated, nano-warehousing provider Noyes Technologies raises $3.8 million

Noyes Technologies

Specifically designed to be used in urban markets, Munich’s robotic warehousing maker Noyes Technologies has raised $3.8 million in seed funding. Noting the growing trend of consumers’ expectations of ever-faster delivery times, Noyes is aiming to provide a fully automated distribution solution in advance of market demand. The funding is expected to be used to accelerate product roll-out as well as further develop the company’s flexible robotic warehousing technology.

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Ways in which Casinos are using AI to their advantage

Casino AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes it a lot easier to predict outcomes and behavior, and online casinos have started using this to their significant advantage. AI helps casinos and betting websites manage their operations more efficiently, initiating fraud checks, clamping down on problem gamblers, and ensuring that they don’t fall prey to online scammers. Below, we explore some of the ways that online casinos are using AI to their advantage in greater detail.

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IoT, AI and ML services to grow by US$3.6 billion till 2026

AI, IOT Market

Research by ABI showed that artificial intelligence and machine learning are expected to grow within the Internet of things domain by US$3.6 billion by the end of 2026. Since IoT analytics are about to converge with the big data domain, the value in the technology is predicted to shift beyond hardware to analytics adding value to the services. The report states that Covid-19 didn’t have any negative impacts on the IoT data analytics but has been advantageous to the emerging cloud-native data-enabled analytics.

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