Google CEO says Artificial Intelligence will be mankind’s greatest discovery

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is mankind’s greatest discovery says Sundar Pichai.

Google has always been the master of AI and today, the CEO of Google himself stated in an interview with BBC that Artificial Intelligence is man’s greatest discovery. For the leader of the technology giant,” in the next 25 years artificial intelligence and quantum computing will completely revolutionize our lives” he stated. Pichai compared AI to other discoveries like fire and electricity, explaining the change it will bring will be just as profound.

Artificial intelligence is indeed a technology that leverages human cognitive processes in machines. Google and Amazon already are making use of it to carry out certain processes because it is faster than humans and makes fewer mistakes. Quantum computing totally works through qubits, rather than bits. This means that it can use combinations of 1 and 0 in different states and opens the possibility to new algorithms and therefore to perform operations of immeasurable size.

“There are things for which the way we do computing today will always be better. But there are some things for which quantum computing will open up a whole new range of solutions” Pichai said in the interview.

He was also asked about controversial issues that the company has got tangled with. In the allegation made that Google monopolizes Internet searches, he said that the platform is a free service and that there is always the option of using another search engine. Another situation for which they have been criticized is that the company has sought legal advice to lower its tax rate. Regarding this, Pichai said that this is no longer implemented, that today Google is one of the largest economic taxpayers in the world and complies with all tax laws.

AI is forcing change upon companies, workers, and society’s infrastructure. “It is important to understand that tomorrow, whether Google is there or not, artificial intelligence is going to progress. Technology has this nature. It is going to evolve,” says Pichai.

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This post was originally published by at Analytics Insight

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