[Report] Financial Institutions are increasingly adopting AI for supporting AML as Fintech adoption rises

Payments and standards

As noted in the report, almost £18 billion in Fintech investments were made in H1 2021, which is another record for the UK’s total investments in the financial technology space, and it now puts the country in second place, trailing only the US.

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[Report] Survey finds employee experience is driving investment in IT

Employee experience

“The State of Workplace Tech” report, which summarizes survey responses from 300 U.S. IT professionals, HR managers, and workplace experience leaders, found that two in three respondents view creating a positive employee experience (69%) and helping employees stay productive (62%) as top technology drivers. Additionally, almost half (42%) reported that they are considering existing or emerging technology to support employee engagement.

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[Paper Summary] Stanford Researchers use Deep Learning to predict Biological Structures, like RNAs, more accurately than ever before

Determination of 3D structures of biological molecules, like RNA’s, is difficult and often requires millions of dollars for such extensive efforts. Stanford University researchers have devised a new deep learning algorithm called ARES (Atomic Rotationally Equivalent Scorer) for overcoming this challenge by computationally forecasting accurate structures. 

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China Anti-Monopoly push adds to Enterprise and Deep Technology’s Appeal: Lightspeed’s James Mi


China’s ongoing anti-monopoly campaign is part of a larger global push by regulators against big tech, and will reinforce a shift among venture investors in the country toward enterprise and deep technology companies, according to a member of the Forbes Midas List ranking of the world’s top venture capitalists.

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How can predictive AI transform customer connection?

Predict customer connection

Predictive analytics is bringing smarter insights and better efficiency into many areas of our lives, even if we aren’t always aware of it. Take healthcare, for example, a sector that has been firmly in the spotlight in recent months. Scientists have recently combined self-reported symptoms data and artificially intelligent (AI) modeling to predict which early signs of COVID-19 can be used for faster detection.

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Artificial General Attention Economics

Attention economics

While you are reading this article, you are definitely paying “attention” to the text right in front of you which is coming from a latent attentive behavior triggered by a need for a specific type of information. Your eyes are focusing on certain text in front of you and you are making cognitive decipherments of the same which is triggering some neurons to fire and register that in your memory.

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Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Global Marketing Trends

AI trends

Technologies have had considerable impacts on the way people manage their interpersonal relations. Most humans became particularly hooked into their technologies, including smartphones, the web, computers, laptops, and tablet applications. Moreover, at the start of the 21st century, technologies are getting particularly ubiquitous, and it’s possible to assume that the dependence on technologies will become much severer within the coming years. As new technologies are created, so are the synthetic intelligence applications, which empower gadgets to satisfy complex tasks a without person’s touch. AI may be a combination of human and machine skills, which create a totally new reality for humanity.

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[Paper Summary] Google and Mayo Clinic Researchers propose a new AI Algorithm to improve Brain Stimulation devices to treat disease

lectrical simulation has the potential to widen treatment possibilities for millions of people with movement disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease, and epilepsy. In the future, this technology may help further treat psychiatric illness or even assist in recovery from brain injuries like stroke.

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Tesla will eventually License their Self Driving Software - Here’s how that could look

Autonomous driving software

Autonomous Driving is one of the most exciting applications of AI and robotics that is available to the general public today. It will alter our perceptions of cities, highways, parking, commuting, leisure, and ownership, as well as create new types of jobs as the business models develop. When it comes to business models, infrastructure, technology direction, and development, there are many unanswered questions. As Tesla explores options to license their self driving capabilities, there are a number of ways we could see this technology offered to the automobile and other industries.

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