About Pye.ai

We are about all things related to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

We aim to provide news, content and resources that add value to the experience of our members and readers. 

When we started this project we needed a logo. The team volunteered drawing ideas. It was featured on the prototype site and the team began using it;

“Pye was born!”

Pye is starting out on its journey by publishing content and information we feel will be of benefit and interest to our readers.

Pye the ‘Platypus’ is our iconic mascot. In future posts, we’ll talk about pye, and it will make appearances.

Of course we are always looking to improve and would value any feedback you may wish to impart. Please feel free to let us know your thoughts below.

Our vision: to help individuals and organizations innovate, transform, and lead.

If you don’t influence change, who will? We aim to provide the information to enable that change.

Pye will endeavor to enable you, your team, and your organization to lead with targeted information and tools supported by a creative, seasoned group of professionals, from diverse disciplines.

We will be, over time, developing a wider range of tools, interactions and services both socially and professionally. Our aim is to develop ideas, connect professionals, build groups and develop relationships for innovators, builders, and funders.

We look to identify opportunities that can be transformed to create better value. We do this by using AI as a driver for innovation.

Maximizing human potential by making AI good for society!

Our members work across major industry sectors, public companies, fortune 2000 and government authorities, including and utilizing startup mindsets in making complexity simple.

Watch this space as we grow!


For more information, please feel free to call on (646) 233-2555; or