Artificial Intelligence, a major factor behind Pfizer’s US$900M profit

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Pfizer has been on the headlines quite often recently. The Covid-19 vaccine is what made the company atop other field competitors. Remarkably, Pfizer has also yielded the benefit of US$900 million in the first quarter of 2021, thanks to its vaccine production and distribution programs. But behind the vaccine making and circulation, disruptive technologies played a big role in finding the correct drug and helped the company in its trials. Pfizer has effectively used artificial intelligence to conduct vaccine trials and streamline the distribution.

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50 popular Developer Communities to keep an eye on in 2021

These developer communities are open-sourced and free to access. They also provide question corners where users can post their doubts and experts will take the chance to answer them. For the past two decades, this has become a main source of information for many application developers. Analytics Insight has listed the top 50 developer communities that are helping programmers in many ways.

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Major unique AI Technologies leveraging innovation in 2021

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As AI technologies evolved, it has become more than possible. New algorithms in artificial emerged with new features are making anything easy and accessible. Today, we are in the mid-year of 2021. What started in 2020 is unfolding further with many developments this year. Henceforth, analytics insight has listed the top five unique AI technologies that are making people feel awe.

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Artificial Intelligence and 3D: Creating a wave in Geospatial Intelligence

The future of geospatial intelligence opens a door to artificial intelligence and 3D technologies For many years now, the modern way of capturing and depicting the physical space of the world in digital means has helped in the development of society. As more and more technologies invaded the digital evolution, the possibilities to record geospatial data became easier. Beneath the digital transformation, geospatial intelligence…

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Artificial Intelligence in Workplace: Automation is knocking the door

Employees are in favour of adopting artificial intelligence in workplace as it minimizes human labour. “Sophia, please collect the printouts from the machine and Geminoid DK, schedule my meeting for this afternoon,” orders a manager to his humanoid robot worker. This is the future we are anticipating for artificial intelligence in workplace. However, companies across the globe are already adopting artificial intelligence to streamline day-to-day activities.

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Big Data vs Data Science: Knowing the Difference by Undoing the Knots

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Ever wondered whether to choose big data or data science? If you are into data and a tech geek, you might have come under such a dilemma at least once. In the digital world we live in, data is increasingly becoming the most valuable asset for organizations. It won’t be a surprise if it crosses the price of gold one day. But to explore every bit of data, we need more than just the basics. Big data and data science technologies have data as their core content and perform various actions. […]

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Top 10 AI companies redefining the world of Retail

Companies defining AI in retail

Analytics Insight has listed the top 10 AI companies that are bringing a digital blow to retail industry Nowadays, retail industry is in a constant state of transformation. The sector highly depends on data from its own operations and customer analysis as a whole to make crucial decisions. The retailers are attempting to survive the fierce competition on the market and fast-changing customer shopping habits using technology. Artificial intelligence in retail industry […]

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Why companies are integrating AI into industrial Cannabis cultivation

Technology’s constant innovation has forced many industries to start adapting to mechanical and automated processes to take advantage of these brand new economies of scale. In the last decade or so, this technological integration has been driven by machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), the next step in enhancing the precision, automation, and productivity of industrial processes. The cannabis industry is no exception.

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DevOps infused with Artificial Intelligence avails more opportunities

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With data being added every minute, it is impossible to manage all of them without the help of technology. Especially, monitoring a DevOps environment involves a high degree of complexity. The exploding amount of data is giving a hard time to DevOps teams to effectively absorb and apply information to address and resolve customer issues. However, when artificial intelligence (AI) and DevOps work together, they can boost their productivity by saving a lot of time.

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Top 10 Robotic Scientists making it big in the 21st Century

Top 10 robotic scientists

Today, we are experiencing an evolved description of robotics that includes the development, creation and use of bots that explore Earth’s hardest conditions, robots that assist law-enforcement and even guide in every facet of healthcare. All this was possible only because of pioneer robotics scientists who worked day and night to establish their ideas in form of robots. In order to celebrate their victory, Analytics Insight has listed the top 10 robotic scientists who are making a difference in the 21st century.

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Unravelling Transfer Learning to make Machines more advanced

Advanced machines never fail to leave men in awe. But only researchers who worked behind the machines know how much time, cost and data it took to become a stage stealer. Training an algorithm that employs various features in a machine is quite nerve-wracking. But tech geeks have found a solution using transfer learning. Besides, companies are also unveiling a mixture of technologies like deep learning neural networks and machine learning to come up with futuristic machines.

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