List of AI Acquisitions/ Funding of companies in first half of 2021

AI Acquiaitions and Funding first halt 2021

AI acquisitions are occurring throughout 2021 due to the long-term effect of the coronavirus pandemic while AI funding in Series A, Series B, Series D, and many more seeding rounds are helping companies to raise sufficient funds for fulfilling their goals in producing hi-tech products and services. Let’s look at the list of top AI acquisitions and top AI funding of companies in the first half of 2021.

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Importance of building AI and Data Science capability for Strategic Growth

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Businesses across the globe have started adopting artificial intelligence and data analytics to streamline their operations. Investing in the latest technology helps enterprises optimize resources, increase productivity, improve quality and get a faster return on investment. From following the traditional approach of decision-making, SMEs are slowly turning into data-driven businesses.

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