Top 20 Artificial Intelligence research labs in the world in 2021

Top 20 AI tech labs 2021

Artificial intelligence is continuously evolving and propagating across every industry. With much of the groundbreaking innovations moving the industry forward, the technology is continuously making headlines every day. Here’s a look at the top 20 AI Research Labs in the world that are leading the research and development in AI and related technologies.

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AI is the New Age Solution to fight against Climate Change

Climate change

To help humans undo their actions against the Earth’s environment, AI will help us do the deed. The United Nations has already warned us that 2021 is the final chance for us to make a substantial difference in the fight against global warming. The UN organization is hosting the CPO26 climate summit to address this pressing concern. Industry giants like Hitachi and BCG are the partners for this endeavor and along with Climate AI champions, these companies can innovate and provide the right solutions.

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Artificial Intelligence is boosting Hyper-Automation and winning

Hyper automation

COVID-19 showed the business world the real potential of Artificial intelligence. It accelerated the pace at which organizations adopted disruptive technologies to make the new normal work. By 2021, businesses across the industry have seen a rise in hyper-automation processes which is nothing but a combination of AI and machine learning with autonomy driven by cognitive process automation and robotics.

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Tighten the Cloud Security with AIOps and it’s Features

AI feature graphic

AIOps, also known as artificial intelligence for IT operations has many use cases in cloud environments like threat intelligence analysis, malware detection, and has the potential to give sound advice on implementation considerations. According to Gartner’s research, the implementation of AIOps in enterprises is expected to reach 30% by 2023.

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In 2021, Machine Learning is set to Transform these 5 Industries

Brain graphic

Machine learning is enabling a smooth shift in this COVID-19 struck world. Machine learning is one of the most used technologies in this generation. It has varied capabilities that can transform businesses across industries for the better. From being considered as a niche technology, machine learning is now seeing an increased adoption within companies in all sectors.

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Artificial Intelligence needs a humanitarian outlook. Here’s why!

When it comes to artificial intelligence, it’s time to change the way you think… But before we assess the potential of humanitarian artificial intelligence and robotics, we have to find answers to the most common questions that people might pose about the future of human and machine coexistence. After all, that future is not that far away. People are already speculating whether robots will take over all the jobs or will artificial intelligence create an unjust society?

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Why do Machine Learning strategies fail and how to deal with them?

AI Device

Yes, the world is seeing an advancement by virtue of technology. Implementing machine learning has aided in a lot of fields and made remarkable inventions as well. However, this isn’t the entire reality. Seeing the progress companies have made because of machine learning (ML) has made almost every company to try its hands on the same and have miserably failed in it. What might have gone wrong here?

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Robotics & Neuroscience go hand in hand. You’d be surprised to know

Robotic hand holding a brain

In today’s date, modern robotic development is inspired by studying the human brain, so says Mikhail Lebedev, Academic Supervisor at HSE University’s Centre for Bioelectric interfaces. An article in Science Robotics called “Neuroengineering challenges fusing robotics and neuroscience” also talks about how neuroscience and robots are developing hand in hand, contributing to the progress in both fields to develop more advanced android robots.

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Say hello to Azure Percept, Microsoft’s Latest Edge AI service

The tech giant has a trump card to leverage it’s AI abilities. Controlling elevators with voice commands, cameras that notify stores when to restock, video streams that keep a tab on parking space availability are some of the many things that are now possible, thanks to artificial intelligence and computing on the edge, via Azure Percept.

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Data Science and Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the Sports Industry

Data science is a principle of machine learning that uses several tools and algorithms to find patterns from raw data. This has become quite a buzz in the tech world and almost every industry uses it to leverage its business, even sports. Surprised? Around 2.7 zettabytes of data are produced digitally which can be analyzed to make competitive strategies.

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