[Podcast] Natalie Monbiot of hour one on Virtual Humans Automated Video Production and more

Natalie Monbiot

Natalie Monbiot is head of strategy and business development for Hour One. She is working with companies across a number of industries as varied as real estate, eLearning, automotive, and consumer brands and is shaping Hour One’s go-to-market and growth strategies.

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[Podcast] Yakir Buskilla CEO of CoCoHub talks Chatbots and Virtual Humans

Yakir Buskilla - CEO Cocohub

Buskilla took over as CEO after several years at Nielsen where he oversaw the company’s R&D operation in Israel. Earlier, he co-founded Semanix which was focused on improving patent search technology. He has a background in Machine Learning, Big Data, cloud hosting, and back-end software development and began his career as a software engineer.

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[Podcast] Brad Stone author of Amazon Unbound

Brad Stone is the New York Times bestselling author of two books about Amazon, “The Everything Store” and “Amazon Unbound.” Together, the books tell a complete story of Amazon’s 26-year of evolution and the life of Jeff Bezos. “Amazon Unbound” includes an in-depth look at the origin of the Amazon Alexa voice assistant and Echo smart speaker and their implications for the industry.

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[Podcast] Joseph Turow author of Voice Catchers on Voice Tech, Marketing and Privacy

Voicebot podcast

Joseph Turow is a professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg School for Communication — the same school where he earned his PhD. Turow is the author of over 150 articles and 10 books including the recently published “The Voice Catchers: How Marketers Listen In to Exploit Your Feelings, Your Privacy, and Your Wallet.”

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[Podcast] Danny Tomsett CEO of UneeQ talks Virtual Humans

Danny Tomsett is the founder and CEO of UneeQ. He founded the company in 2009. It was originally called FaceMe and was focused on video chat with humans for customer service. The idea was ahead of its time. Several years ago the company shifted to the virtual human solution at a time when conversational AI and visual rendering techniques were just coming into their own.

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[Podcast] Audioburst Co-founders Amir Hirsh and Gal Klein on the Intersection of Voice Tech and Social Audio

Amir Hirsh (CEO) and Gal Klein (CTO) are co-founders of Audioburst. We gathered in Clubhouse to discuss analyzing, segmenting, packaging and making talk audio content discoverable in real-time. Audioburst is doing this daily on millions of minutes of radio and podcast content and the same technology could be applied to social audio. We review how it could make social audio conversations more easily discoverable in the moment and enable the best elements of those discussions to be easily accessed afterward.

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[Podcast] Spotify Voice AI and Social Audio Strategy with Messina, Kemp, Schwartz and Greenberg

Spotify recently released a custom voice assistant called ‘Hey Spotify,’ acquired (then rebranded) Locker Room as the foundation of a new social audio feature, and announced a new in-car voice-interactive device for audio content while on the go. I gathered some Spotify experts in Clubhouse to break down Spotify’s voice AI and social audio strategy and its implications.

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[Poscast] Dr. Patricia Scanlon of SoapBox Labs talks Voice AI and education

Dr Patricia Scanlon

Dr. Patricia Scanlon is CEO and co-founder of SoapBox Labs, the leading company focused on voice recognition technology for children. In today’s interview, Scanlon discusses the EdTech market, the changing perceptions of venture capital related to the segment, new applications for speech recognition for children, and how COVID-19 has impacted the market.

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Clubhouse Surpasses 10 million users after Musk, Zuckerberg, Rogan, and MrBeast join and starts drawing more scrutiny

Clubhouse Audio App

Social audio network Clubhouse surpassed 10 million registered users as of February 13, 2021. Clubhouse’s user base since April of 2020 when it first launched as a beta app through Apple iOS Testflight. The app crested 10,000 users in early October and hit a million in December not long after invites were given out to many of the early users to invite their friends.

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