Tech behind Water Resource Management startup Cranberry Analytics

Cranberry Analytics

In a conversation with Analytics India Magazine, Co-founder and CTO Shishir explained the technology behind Cranberry Analytics’ management system Recon, breaking down how AI and ML can facilitate the management of natural resources and what the future for AI in water management looks like. 

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Finally, Tech Giants are turning down Unethical AI Projects

Tech giants

The pros of artificial intelligence technology have always been followed up with the cons of leveraging these technologies. With the launch of every new system that requires users to share personal and biometric data, a school of thought has emerged voicing the ethical and privacy concerns of using the systems. A recent investigative report by Reuters sheds light on how the three US tech giants — Google, IBM and Microsoft — have been resisting and turning down projects on account of ethics concerns. 

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7 resources to learn Deep Learning in 2021

Learning Deep Learning

Deep Learning. a subset of machine learning, encompasses neural networks that can learn from raw or unstructured data, much like humans. It’s used for speech recognition, machine translation, computer vision and natural language processing. Deep Learning has applications in medical diagnosis, server optimisation, data centre security, autonomous driving and more. 

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