10 effective Leadership skills you need in the age of AI

AI Leadership soft skills

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automation are about to disrupt every industry and change the way we work forever. While decision makers in the past spent a significant amount of time on administrative tasks such as coordinating, scheduling, and making short-term data driven decisions, AI will soon be able to take over these and other complex tasks. Managers and leaders will now have to understand the technical role of AI and fill in the gaps in areas it is a long way from developing, interpersonal and soft skills. 

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Top 12 AI researchers and Leaders

AI leaders and researchers

Deep learning continues to produce advanced techniques with widespread applications faster than one can keep up with. Dozens of papers get uploaded to arXiv every day, and there are hundreds of scientists and engineers active in the field. To stay in the loop, we’ve put together a list of 12 innovators and researchers in the field that you could follow to know the progress brought by the discipline to science, industry and society. The list includes links to the website, LinkedIn, Twitter account, Facebook profile and Google Scholar Profile of the AI Leaders for you to follow.

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Understanding Categorical Data

Feature engineering is a crucial step in building a performant machine learning model. Understanding categorical variables and encoding those variables with the right encoding techniques is paramount during the data cleaning and preparation stage. A survey published on Forbes says that Data preparation accounts for about 80% of data scientists’ work. Data scientists spend 60% of their time cleaning and organizing data.

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TravoBOT – “Move freely in the pandemic” (AWS Serverless Chatbot)

Of all the things that this pandemic has taught us, one of the primary concern that many people are still facing is the uncertainty in planning their travel – either in case of emergency or for leisure. And this resulted in TravoBOT – A chatbot that helps the user by collating information from different data sources and provide user with a travel recommendation to a particular destination.

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