Bias in AI isn’t an enterprise priority, but it should be, survey warns

AI bias survey

A global survey published today finds nearly a third (31%) of respondents consider the social impact of bias in models to be AI’s biggest challenge. This is followed by concerns about the impact AI is likely to have on data privacy (21%). More troubling, only 10% of respondents said their organization has addressed bias in AI, with another 30% planning to do so sometime in the next 12 months.

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IBM chief data scientist makes the case for building AI factories

AI factories

IBM distinguished engineer and chief data scientist John Thomas contends that for organizations to really embrace AI, they need to adopt a factory model that automates as much of the model building process as possible. Just like a traditional factory would create physical products reliably at scale and at speed, an AI factory would enable businesses to quickly build and scale trustworthy AI models.

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KPMG decides on Red Hat OpenShift to construct AI platform

Light globe graphic

Red Hat and KPMG LLP today revealed they are working together to make the Red Hat OpenShift platform, which is based on Kubernetes, a foundational core of the KPMG Ignite AI platform.

The KPMG Ignite platform combines machine learning algorithms with document ingestion and optical character recognition capabilities to analyze both structured and unstructured data. Kubernetes has emerged as a preferred foundation for building AI platforms because it makes it simpler to dynamically orchestrate the consumption of IT infrastructure on behalf of containerized applications.

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Domino Data Lab tightens MLOps integration with Git repositories

Domino Data Labs - GitHub repositories

omino Data Lab, a pioneer provider of a machine learning operations (MLOps) platform, is making it easier for data scientists to manage code at a time when providers of DevOps platforms are starting to contend AI models as just another software artifact that needs to be managed within the context of any application development project.

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Lack of AI implementation may have cost enterprises $4.26T, Signal AI finds

State of decisions 2021 infographic

Signal AI, which offers a decision augmentation platform infused with AI, interviewed 1,000 C-suite executives in the U.S. for the study. The report found 85% of respondents estimate upwards of $4.26 trillion in revenue is being lost because organizations lack access to AI technologies to make better decisions faster.

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DataRobot’s Zepl acquisition bridges the AI divide

Datarobot acquires Zepl

DataRobot revealed yesterday during an online AI Experience Worldwide conference that it has acquired Zepl as part of a larger effort to enable data scientists to customize AI models developed on its platform. Zepl created an open source Apache Zepyl notebook that enables data scientists to collaboratively develop and analyze code written in Python, R, or Scala.

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IBM is acquiring Turbonomic to advance AIOps agenda

Turbonomic platform

IBM announced this week that it is acquiring Turbonomic, provider of application resource management (ARM) and network performance management (NPM) software infused with machine learning algorithms. Terms of the acquisition, which is expected to close this quarter, were not disclosed.

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Saas provider nabs $6M to support revenue operations

Boostup platform, provider of a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for managing revenue operations (revenue ops) infused with AI capabilities, today announced it has garnered $6 million in additional series A funding, bringing its total raised to $14 million, after an initial seed round last year.

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Adobe extends AI-infused customer analytics platform to offline data

Adobe analytics platform

Adobe today unfurled an enhanced Adobe Customer Journey Analytics cloud service that enables organizations to apply AI to data from both online and offline sources to gain deeper insights into customer behavior. Available as an extension to the Adobe Experience Platform, the Adobe Customer Journey Analytics service extends the analytics capabilities based on its Sensei AI platform that is already widely employed to track online engagements into the realm of data collected offline.

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IBM’s Rob Thomas details key AI trends in shift to hybrid cloud

Rob Thomas

The last year has seen a major spike in the adoption of AI models in production environments, in part driven by the need to drive digital business transformation initiatives. While it’s still early days as far as AI is concerned, it’s also clear AI in the enterprise is entering a new phase. Rob Thomas, senior vice president for software, cloud, and data platform at IBM, explains to VentureBeat how this next era of AI will evolve as hybrid cloud computing becomes the new norm in the enterprise.

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State of the Edge report projects edge computing will reach $800B by 2028

State of the Edge report

A battle for control over edge computing environments is expected to drive a total of $800 billion in spending through 2028, according to a report published today by the LF Edge arm of the Linux Foundation. The State of the Edge report is based on analysis of the potential growth of edge infrastructure from the bottom up across multiple sectors modeled by Tolaga Research. The forecast evaluates 43 use cases spanning 11 vertical industries.

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