OpenAI is open for business, GPT-3 powers the Next generation of Apps

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OpenAI’s GPT-3 is well known in the machine learning world for their human like writing, where it is powering 300 applications, supporting GPT-3–powered search, conversation, text completion, and other advanced AI features through their API.  As reference, here is a shortlist of example OpenAI’s use cases in how developers and applications are using GPT-3.

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15-year-old who uses AI to solve world problems is Time’s first-ever Kid of the Year

Gitanjali Rao, an Indian-American, has been named Time’s first-ever Kid of the Year, 2020. The young scientist uses technology such as Artificial Intelligence to solve world problems. Through her innovations and leadership qualities, Gitanjali aspires to inspire more young people to become innovators.

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The World Economic Forum: Future of Jobs Report 2020

The Future of Jobs Report 2020 is an insight into future job opportunities and the skills needed for these jobs. The report discusses the current state of the labor market in the pandemic economy, the future of the labor market for the next five years, and the pathway to reviving it. We take a brief look at its impact and the role of humans, machines and algorithms.

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