AI-powered ‘Tinder for renting’: London-based Perchpeek raises £2M to help employees work anywhere

Perchpeek Tinder for Renting

The global employee relocation management market is witnessing a surge as millions of employees are working remotely indefinitely since the outbreak of COVID-19. A survey by IBM discovered that 54 percent of people working remotely now would like to continue doing so after the pandemic as well. This is where London-based Perchpeek, an AI-powered relocation agent also known as the ‘Tinder for renting’ comes in.

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Wingcopter raises $22 million to ramp up delivery drone production

Wingcopter, a Darmstadt, Germany-based drone manufacturer, today announced that it raised $22 million in a funding round led by Xplorer Capital and Futury Regio Growth Fund. The company says it will use the proceeds to expand its health care-related activities (including the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines), prepare for the launch of its next-gen drones, set up a partially automated production facility, and grow its team at a new U.S. complex.

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A Taco with a Book in a Night, in the Style of Edward Hopper or Imagination in Machines According…

Recently an algorithm called The Big Sleep (Murdock, 2020) was released, which generates images from texts; that is, if someone writes, as in my case, A Taco with a book in a night city in the style of Edward Hopper, it will give as output an interpretation of that text. This algorithm by the artist Ryan Murdock shows similarities with the Open IA program Dall.E, which creates an image from text, using the GPT-3 model.

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How Amazon became the top dog in artificial intelligence

Amazon is a data company. At least, it is if we’re to go on what the leading figures in tech and ecommerce say. However, I beg to differ. In my opinion, Amazon is not just a data company, but an artificial intelligence company, and without that ingredient their data wouldn’t matter nearly as much as it does to their business today. In just a few years, Amazon has envisioned and realised countless incredible ambitions with machine learning software that ninety percent of experts fifteen years ago wouldn’t have thought possible.

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US leading race in Artificial Intelligence, China Rising: Survey

AI Race

The United States is leading rivals in development and use of artificial intelligence while China is rising quickly and the European Union is lagging, a research report showed Monday. The United States leads, with an overall score of 44.6 points on a 100-point scale, followed by China with 32 and the European Union with 23.3, the report based on 2020 data found.

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Amplifying Fintech and Artificial Intelligence

Fintech and AI

Institutional investment was one of the top talking points for the crypto space in 2020. It was quite understandable, with companies looking to stay positive on their balance sheets and make gains with Bitcoin. There are pockets of the crypto space that believe the increase in institutional investment was what helped Bitcoin break its previous all-time high. It is quite understandable, considering that most institutions tend to put huge money into Bitcoin when they come in. 

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Let’s make Artificial Intelligence a greater force in 2021

A year ago, none the wiser about what 2020 would bring, I reflected on the pivotal moment that the AI community was in. The previous year had seen a series of high-profile automated failures, like self-driving-car crashes and discriminatory recruiting tools. Later on, the field responded with more talk of AI ethics than ever before. But talk, I said, was not enough. We needed to take tangible actions. Two months later, the coronavirus shut down the world.

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3 tech trends that COVID-19 will accelerate in 2021

Spending 2020 under the shadow of a pandemic has affected what we need and expect from technology. For many, COVID-19 accelerated the rate of digital transformation: as employees worked from home, companies needed AI systems that facilitated remote work and the computing power to support them. The question is, how should companies focus their resources in 2021 to prepare for this changed reality and the new technologies on the horizon? Here are three trends that I predict will see massive attention in 2021 and beyond.

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VOGUE by Google, MIT, and UW: The AI-Powered online fitting room

I explain Artificial Intelligence terms and news to non-experts. Google used a modified StyleGAN2 architecture to create an online fitting room where you can automatically try-on any pants or shirts you want using only an image of yourself. In this video, I explain more about this project, titled VOGUE, and how it works.

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2020 NFL postseason predictions from Machine Learning Model — Conference

Bills favored due to surging offense and steady defense, Packers with slim edge. Over the first two weeks of the NFL playoffs, I shared my model (V 5.0) predictions (Wild Card, Divisional). After 10 games, model performance has almost exactly matched performance in the test set for predicting winners (actual: 7/10, 70%; test set: 69.6%).

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Prediction 2021: The Year AI Became Normal

A clear pattern of growth has already emerged in AI: in 2018–19, the phase of experimentation became mature; in 2020, adoptions began in a serious way and suddenly, COVID-19 gave the business leaders an opportunity and impetus to push automation and AI. In 2021, the fallout from a second wave of COVID-19 will eventually become clear, starting with the rapid decline of many traditional, non-digital businesses. As the C-suite takes notice, following are the relevant trends I expect to emerge in 2021.

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Google’s AI ethics flap widens

Google’s AI ethics mess continues to spread, with reports this week that the company is investigating a second AI ethicist for scanning company files in search of examples of discriminatory treatment of ousted Google researcher Timnit Gebru.

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A quick reflection on some ethical implications of creative AI

Reflections ethical use of ai

AI is increasingly being applied to more creative areas, raising concerns about the protection of intellectual property. Recently I started to analyze a trend taking AI towards a more “creative” space with the integration with human creativity. As content generation capabilities of AI increase, it starts to be applied more often in the more diverse areas, raising concerns about how its content can be protected as intellectual property.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) market size, share & COVID-19 impact analysis

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Market Size, Share & COVID-19 Impact Analysis, By Component (Hardware, Software, and Services), By Technology (Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Others), By Deployment (Cloud, On-premises), By Industry (Healthcare, Retail, IT & Telecom, BFSI, Automotive, Advertising & Media, Manufacturing, and Others) and Regional Forecast, 2020-2027

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