People analytics startup ChartHop raises $35M


ChartHop, a self-styled people analytics startup, today announced that it raised $35 million in a series B funding round led by Andreessen Horowitz. The capital brings the company’s total raised to over $54 million to date, and CEO Ian White says that it’ll be used to fund expansion through product enhancements, investments in service and support, and go-to-market efforts.

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Contentstack raises $57.5M for its headless content management system


Contentstack, a startup that offers a headless content management system (or a ‘content experience platform’ in marketing speak), today announced that it has raised a $57.5 million Series B round. The round, which the company says was oversubscribed, was led by Insight Partners, which also led its Series A round. New investor Georgian and existing investors Illuminate Ventures and GingerBread Capital also participated. With this, the company has now raised a total of $89 million.

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AI-powered transcription startup Verbit raises $157M

Verbit AI

Verbit today announced the close of a $157 million series D round that the company says will bolster its product R&D and hiring efforts. CEO Tom Livne, who noted that the raise brings the company’s post-money valuation to more than $1 billion, said that the capital will also support the company’s geographic expansion as it prepares for an initial public offering.

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Whatfix nabs $90M to help workers onboard and get the most out of their IT stacks


“Digital transformation” has been on the mind of many an organization in the last year: the pandemic and the shift it’s brought to how we work are speeding up investments in new apps, infrastructure and work practices to improve productivity regardless of where we sit all day. Now, it looks like we’re on to the next stage of that journey: actually figuring out how to adopt and run with all that new tech.

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Switzerland is on a mission to increase Diversity In AI

Swiss Alps - the Matterhorn

Without any doubt, Switzerland is a trusted hub for innovation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the world. Thanks to the simultaneous presence of world-leading academic research institutions and industry innovation labs, Switzerland regularly ranks among the leaders when it comes to AI. For the past ten years, it has held 1st place as the top innovation economy, according to the Global Innovation Index (WIPO).

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Bain and Crosspoint Capital acquire ExtraHop in $900M deal


Bain Capital Private Equity and Crosspoint Capital Partners today announced that they’ve entered into a definitive agreement to acquire ExtraHop, a network detection and response (NDR) provider headquartered in Seattle, Washington. As a part of the strategic transaction, which is valued at $900 million, ExtraHop CEO Arif Kareem and cofounders CTO Jesse Rothstein and CCO Raja Mukerji will continue in their respective roles and Rothstein and Mukerji will remain “significant” investors in the company.

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Uber veteran launches her ‘AI Mindset’ Self-Driving startup with $83.5 million round

Waabi CEO Raquel Urtasan

Computer scientist Raquel Urtasan, an artificial intelligence expert who led a team of Toronto-based engineers for Uber’s self-driving vehicle program, is launching tech startup Waabi with an $83.5 million funding round and a new “AI mindset” approach to commercializing automated driving.

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MIT Researchers Leverage Machine Learning for better Lidar (with video)

Car with LIDAR

Lidar (short for light detection and ranging) is an increasingly common technology – it’s embedded in iPhones and Teslas – that uses lasers to measure distances, allowing accurate remote mapping of small and large spaces. In satellites, for instance, lidar is used to measure elevation; in self-driving cars, it’s used to map the road, obstacles, and so on. Now, researchers from MIT are leveraging machine learning to allow more detailed processing of lidar data in real-time. 

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QIMA acquires stake in London-based Supply Chain Resiliency startup

hand - binary - squares

QIMA, the leading provider of quality control and supply chain compliance solutions, announces it has invested in, a London-based startup that builds supply chain digital replicas and uses artificial intelligence to help enterprises prevent and mitigate supply chain disruptions in real-time or before they occur.

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EdgeCortix collaborates with Cadence to accelerate AI Chip Design

Cadence - Edgecortix

Cadence Design Systems, Inc. announced that EdgeCortix, Inc., a leading innovator, focused on artificial intelligence (AI) driven software and hardware acceleration solutions, specially designed for edge computing scenarios, has deployed multiple Cadence verification and digital tools to accelerate the design and verification of its edge AI chips.

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Mendel raises $18M to tease out data structure from medicine’s disparate document trove

Mendel AI

Today, a startup called Mendel, which has built an AI platform both to ingest and bring order to that body of information, is announcing $18 million in funding to continue its growth and to build out what it describes as a “clinical data marketplace” for people not just to organize, but also to share and exchange that data for research purposes. It’s also going to be using the funding to hire more talent — technical and support — for its two offices, in San Jose, CA and Cairo, Egypt.

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Google’s Gradient Ventures leads $8.2M Series A for Vault Platform’s misconduct reporting SaaS

Vault platform - Gradient Ventures

Fixing workplace misconduct reporting is a mission that’s snagged London-based Vault Platform backing from Google’s AI focused fund, Gradient Ventures, which is the lead investor in an $8.2 million Series A that’s being announced today.

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Google and Harvard unveil the largest High-Resolution Map of the Brain yet

Google and Harvard High-res map of the brain

Last Tuesday, teams from Google and Harvard published an intricate map of every cell and connection in a cubic millimeter of the human brain. The mapped region encompasses the various layers and cell types of the cerebral cortex, a region of brain tissue associated with higher-level cognition, such as thinking, planning, and language. According to Google, it’s the largest brain map at this level of detail to date, and it’s freely available to scientists (and the rest of us) online. (Really. Go here. Take a stroll.)

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Beyond Digital Transformation: AI modernizing core technology across the industries to solve…

Digital transformation

Despite diversified industries, the majority of the businesses worldwide are leveraging the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) considering its benefits to solve long-standing problems. Emerging as a well-positioned technology to combat challenges, it delivers powerful, cost-saving and valuable insights to improve your organizational operations for seamless work processes.

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IBM partners with U.K. on $300M quantum computing research initiative

IBM -UK partnership

The U.K. government and IBM this week announced a five-year £210 million ($297.5 million) artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum computing collaboration, in the hopes of making new discoveries and developing sustainable technologies in fields ranging from life sciences to manufacturing.

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Alethea AI and artist Robert Alice launch Sotheby’s auction of the ‘first intelligent NFT’

First intelligent NFT

Alethea AI has teamed up with artist Robert Alice to bring a virtual being to life. And they’re auctioning it at Sotheby’s as the “first intelligent nonfungible token” (NFT). The move is a groundbreaking one in that Alethea AI has created a virtual being named Alice using AI technology. She can have rich conversations with people, based on the personality created for her by Robert Alice. And they used NFT technology, which is based on the transparent and secure blockchain digital ledger, to ensure that she is a one-of-a-kind creation.

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