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World Tech Landscape 2020

Curated list of 2020 Tech Landscape Maps from around the world.

The real promise of AI is innovation – not optimization<

Moving from tactical to strategic use of AI. Let me start right off the bat: many incumbent organizations risk missing out on the strategic opportunity of AI – instead focusing on tactical optimization initiatives.

State of AI Report 2020

The State of AI Report analyses the most interesting developments in AI. We aim to trigger an informed conversation about the state of AI and its implication for the future.

Resilience and Vibrancy: The 2020 Data & AI Landscape

When COVID hit the world a few months ago, an extended period of gloom seemed all but inevitable. Yet, as per Satya Nadella, “two years of digital transformation [occurred] in two months”. Cloud and data technologies…

Latest News

Fintech Lending Market Map

We’re extremely excited to publish Ocrolus’ 2020 Fintech Lending Market Map. At Ocrolus, we have been helping lenders automate their underwriting and improve the quality of their credit decisions for nearly five years…

Automation, COVID, and the future of work

Ever since Oxford’s Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael Osborne published their paper on the potential for jobs to be automated in 2013, a groundswell of concern has emerged about the impact of the various technologies…

How trends in AI, Automation and emerging tech are poised to disrupt the 4.6 trillion Money Markets Industry

As traditional money markets boom to record highs of 4.6 trillion dollars, it is clear investors are looking for safe returns during these times of economic uncertainty. New start-ups like are making waves by…

How Amazon gets benefits from Artificial Intelligence

IN EARLY 2014, Srikanth Thirumalai met with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. Thirumalai, a computer scientist who’d left IBM in 2005 to head Amazon’s recommendations team, had come to propose a sweeping new plan for incorporating…

How AI and ML are helpful in our brawl with COVID-19

If you are living in 2020, I do not need to introduce you to these two terms. These are practically everywhere around you. The apps like email and maps in your phone, vehicle (which I…


Workplace Collaboration Startups

Mapping Workplace Collaboration Startups. The last decade has seen the rise of workplace collaboration and productivity as a valuable SaaS category. The success of companies like Slack, Zoom, and Atlassian in…

Breaking AI workflow into Stages reveals Investment Opportunities

An infrastructure-first approach to AI investing has the potential to yield greater returns with a lower risk profile, suggests a recent account in Forbes. To identify the technologies supporting the AI system…

The growing role of Automated Valuation Models (AVM) in real estate

As real estate moves towards digitization and automation, Automated Valuation Model (AVM) replaces traditional valuation methods. What is AVM? How is it used in real estate valuation?

Solve real-world problems using Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Every new technology introduced has had a purpose(almost always). Usually, it is a solution to a certain problem(s) identified by its creator while brainstorming. But when we talk about Artificial Intelligence…


Demystify employee leaving with Machine Learning

Creation and Evaluation of Handful of Machine Learning Models for Leave Prediction. Here I will share recent work in the human resource domain to bring some predictive power to any firm struggling to retain their employees.

InduNet v1.0 – An industry predictor using company descriptions

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a large area of research with many relevant applications for businesses. Being able to take in arbitrary text and extracting sentiment, performing translation, auto-suggest…


Managing software dependencies for Data Science projects

A step-by-step guide for maintaining project dependencies clean and reproducible. Virtual environments are a must when developing software projects. They allow you to create self-contained, isolated Python installations…

Construction Robotics is increasing safety and productivity on Job Sites

Construction Robotics is changing the way construction is done. It has always been inevitable that robotics technology would enter into dangerous industries to increase safety and productivity, but many people still view it as a futuristic phenomenon.


A step-by-step tutorial for conducting Sentiment Analysis

It is estimated that 80% of the world’s data is unstructured. Thus deriving information from unstructured data is an essential part of data analysis. Text mining is the process of deriving valuable insights…

The essential guide to Data Augmentation in NLP

There are many tasks in NLP from text classification to question answering, but whatever you do the amount of data you have to train your model impacts the model performance heavily.

How to create an authentic Data Science Project for your Portfolio

As an inspiring data scientist, building interesting portfolio projects is key to showcase your skills. When I learned coding and data science as a business student through online courses, I disliked that…

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