Agile Data Science: What does it mean? How to manage Data Science Projects


“What does agile data science mean?” you might be asking. In one word: agile! Agile is a methodology that has been embraced by many industries, including data science. It’s time to get agile with your data science projects and start increasing efficiency and decreasing costs. This blog post talks about what agile data science is, how it can help you manage your projects better, and tips around how it can be used in the context of your company’s culture.

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Applying Design & Agile thinking to your Data Science project — Part 2

Think of a data-driven solution as a puzzle piece. This piece needs to have a suitable shape and color to fit into a bigger puzzle. Our world is this puzzle, which is not complete yet. We want to make a suitable puzzle piece and then place it into the puzzle to make it more complete. In other words, we want to bring a suitable solution to this world. Designing and bringing an appropriate solution can be complex. Design Thinking makes the shape of the solution, while Agile Thinking ensures its implementation, taking the outcome of the Design Thinking.

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