AI drives data analytics surge, study finds

Data analytics

Enterprise managers have an insatiable need for better analysis of ever more data, and the pandemic has only intensified the quest. That is among the conclusions of a recent report from analyst firm 451 Research. “Trends in Data, AI and Analytics, 2021” surveyed a wide range of enterprise IT shops and found that many were increasing their investment in collecting data and generating better analysis. As a result, AI analytics is bringing new life to data analytics tooling.

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KPMG: AI adoption is accelerating in the pandemic

KPMG rate of adoption

A survey published by KPMG today suggests that a large number of organizations have increased their investments in AI during the pandemic to the point that executives are now concerned about moving too fast. In fact, most of the survey respondents cited a definite need for increased AI regulation.
The survey covered 950 business decision-makers and/or IT decision-makers with at least a moderate amount of AI knowledge at companies with more than $1 billion in revenue.

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