[Video Podcast] The surprising challenges of global AI Philanthropy

Yan Li podcast AI Philanthropy

Yan Li shares lessons learned from using technology for good around the world. his episode is part of our podcast series on emerging problems in data science and machine learning, hosted by Jeremie Harris. Apart from hosting the podcast, Jeremie helps run a data science mentorship startup called SharpestMinds.

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How to make sure your ‘AI for good’ project actually does good

The global pandemic has pushed governments and private companies worldwide to propose AI solutions for everything from analyzing cough sounds to deploying disinfecting robots in hospitals. These efforts are part of a wider trend that has been picking up momentum: aiming to use AI for societal good. The goal is to deploy cutting-edge AI technologies to solve critical issues such as poverty, hunger, crime, and climate change, under the “AI for good” umbrella.

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