Introducing the AI chip leading the world in precision scaling

Digital AI Cores

Self-driving cars, text to speech, artificial intelligence (AI) services and delivery drones — just a few obvious applications of AI. To keep fueling the AI gold rush, we’ve been improving the very heart of AI hardware technology: digital AI cores that power deep learning, the key enabler of artificial intelligence. At IBM Research, we’ve been making strides in adapting to workload complexities of AI systems while streamlining and accelerating performance…

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New IBM-MIT system brings AI to microcontrollers – paving the way to ‘smarter’ IoT

Smart homes are now all the rage, with smart speakers controlling your lights, your door lock, your fridge. But what if you didn’t want to use a smart speaker or any sophisticated computer to operate your devices? What if instead, a device like a lock had a cheap, tiny but powerful embedded AI that could recognize your face to open the door – and run on batteries for a year, no WIFi or smart speaker needed?

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