Why Board Directors And CEOs Need To Learn AI Knowledge Foundations: Building AI Leadership Brain Trust Is A Business Imperative: Are You Ready?

Why Fortune 1000 Leaders need to build AI Brain Trust? In reviewing over 200 board of director compositions on the Fortune 1000, many of them do not have sufficient technology depth and knowledge expertise. The majority have operations knowledge particular in finance, legal and have often held a CEO or high profiled leadership role in a prior company. The major of larger companies all have a technology strategy and risk committee working with their CIO and Cybersecurity or Risk officers, but if you look across the broader board director skill knowledge on the depth of AI and digital transformation leadership skills and solid execution experiences, you will find less relevant and current knowledge know-how.

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U.S. leads world in AI, but here comes China

USA China Race

The United States is maintaining its early lead over China and the European Union in development and application of artificial intelligence technology, according to a new report from the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF). But while the Americans’ lead is still substantial today, China is poised to close the gap, while the EU is largely failing to keep up, the report found.

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