AI for the Earth: Ushering in a sustainability revolution

Planet at night

Is artificial intelligence (AI) really as evil as some people think it is? Or is it something more useful; a tool to save the planet? The news of the declining conditions of the health of Earth does not come as a surprise anymore. It’s something that we’ve been listening since the past few years. 

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My thoughts on the AI Revolution: Hype, scams, and big brother

Character in Mask

What is behind Artificial Intelligence?
Artificial intelligence can be defined as a science that models intelligent human behavior. This definition may have one significant drawback — the concept of intelligence is difficult to explain in principle. The problem of defining artificial intelligence comes down to the problem of defining intelligence in general: is it something in common, or does this term combine a set of disparate abilities, and even more as individual or even collective abilities?

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AI-Powered tools are revolutionizing the Software Development industry

Artificial intelligence (AI) affects the majority of industries all over the world.
Let’s make it clear how it can specifically influence the software development industry and how the industry can benefit more than others from adopting AI technologies. Almost every part of the process can be improved with the use of AI.

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6 essential AI terms used by Artificial Intelligence consulting companies

Machine Learning and Data Science Consulting firm focused on increasing revenue for businesses. If you’re looking to use artificial intelligence consulting services, you will need to understand these 6 AI terms to get the most out of your consultations. 

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