The extreme costs of Faulty AI and the vital role Humans play

Facial recognition

Nowadays, more and more companies routinely tap into AI as a solution or catalyst for next-generation offerings with huge real-world impacts. With such ambitious undertakings, mistakes go beyond mere inconvenience. AI failures can lead to real-life harm–physically, psychologically, and emotionally. The potential financial risk to a company’s bottom line could put a significant dent in the reward.

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Continuous testing practices Gap Assessment

Man jumping at dusk

Continuous testing is an essential part of DevOps. To get the maximum value from continuous testing, it is important to use recommended best practices, inclusive of people, processes and technologies. A gap assessment is a great way to efficiently evaluate an organization’s practices for DevOps and determine a strategy for improvement. Gap analysis provides valuable input for formulating a strategy and a roadmap to improve continuous testing.

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