What is Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS) in the Tech Industry?

AIaaS stands for Artificial Intelligence as a Service, which refers to businesses that offer ready-made AI solutions. Artificial intelligence as a service (AIaaS) is the third-party outsourcing of artificial intelligence (AI). With AI as a service, companies and individuals can experiment with AI for various purposes without large initial investments and with lower risks.

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AI as a service to solve your business problems? Guess again

AI as a Service

Industries of all types are embracing off-the-shelf AI solutions. According to industry experts, global AI software revenue — most of it online artificial intelligence as a service software (AIaaS) — is set to grow by an astounding annual rate of 34.9%, with the market reaching over $100 billion by 2025. It sounds like a great idea, but there is a caveat — “one-size-fits-all” syndrome.

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The future and challenges of Artificial Intelligence-as-a-Service | AIaaS

AI as a Service (AIaaS)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can solve specific problems by generalizing over a given data. There are two main AI areas: Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL). It takes time, effort, technical infrastructure, and knowledge to build AI applications. That is why there was a time when only the big corporations with big budgets could invest in AI applications, which were beyond the reach of small and medium companies. But no more the big companies have monopolies over the AI applications.

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