AI-powered identity access management platform Authomize raises $16M

Lock security

Cloud-based authorization startup Authomize today announced that it raised $16 million in series A funding led by Innovation Endeavors, bringing the startup’s total raised to $22 million to date. CEO and cofounder Dotan Bar Noy says that the capital will be used to support Authomize’s R&D and hiring efforts this year, as expansion ramps up.

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From vaccine to drug making, AstraZeneca is relying on AI for growth

Astra Zeneca

Ever since the outbreak of coronavirus, the news is filled with daily record-breaking cases, deaths, and fortunately, vaccine-related improvements. When Pfizer became the first company among the democratic countries to unravel a vaccine, the stock market prices skyrocketed. The achievement shined a ray of light among the hopeless population. Soon, Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Johnson and Johnson followed suit. AstraZeneca, one of the biggest contributors of the Covid-19 vaccine is using artificial intelligence to not just power Covishield vaccine, but also in other drug discoveries.

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[Video Highlights] Our Week with the World Economic Forum

In March 2021, Good Systems hosted a first-of-its-kind event with the World Economic Forum, inviting researchers and industry leaders to talk about government procurement of artificial intelligence, or — simply — how state, local, and federal government agencies buy AI technologies like computer vision, used for everything from autonomous vehicles and facial recognition, and natural language processing for things like virtual assistants or chatbots.

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U.S. Fintech Stampli secures $50 million through Series C investment

Stampli, an U.S.-based fintech that is focused on AI-driven AP automation, announced on Wednesday it raised $50 million through its Series C funding round, which was led by Insight Partners with participation from SignalFire and Nextworld Capital. The latest investment round brings Stampli’s total funding to more than $87 million.

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DataRobot’s Zepl acquisition bridges the AI divide

Datarobot acquires Zepl

DataRobot revealed yesterday during an online AI Experience Worldwide conference that it has acquired Zepl as part of a larger effort to enable data scientists to customize AI models developed on its platform. Zepl created an open source Apache Zepyl notebook that enables data scientists to collaboratively develop and analyze code written in Python, R, or Scala.

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Huma, which uses AI and biomarkers to monitor patients and for medical research, raises $130M


Huma, which combines data from biomarkers with predictive algorithms both to help monitor patients, and uses the same technology to help researchers and pharmaceutical companies run clinical trials, has closed an equity round of $130 million, a Series C that the company can extend to $200 million by way of a $70 million debt line if it chooses.

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Elderly caretech platform Birdie gets $11.5M Series A led by Index


SaaS-maker Birdie has closed an $11.5 million Series A round of funding led by Index Ventures. Existing investor Kamet Ventures also participated. The UK-based caretech startup has raised a total of $22.9M since being founded back in 2017 (a 2018 raise that was called a Series A at the time is now being classed as a seed expansion). It’s focused on building tools for social care providers to drive efficiencies in a chronically under resourced sector.

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SightCall raises $42M for its AR-based visual assistance platform


Today, a startup called SightCall, which has built an augmented reality platform to help field service teams, the companies they work for, and their customers carry out technical and mechanical maintenance or repairs more effectively, is announcing $42 million in funding, money that it plans to use to invest in its tech stack with more artificial intelligence tools and expanding its client base.

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Edge AI chipset developer raises $80M [Video]

Sima AI, a company developing embedded edge hardware for machine learning applications, today announced that it raised $80 million in a series B round led by Fidelity Management & Research Company. The startup says that the funds will be used to commercialize its first-generation system-on-a-chip product, as well as to jumpstart development of its second-generation product’s architecture and supports’s go-to-market, customer success, and hiring initiatives globally.

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DataRobot expands platform and announces Zepl acquisition

AI processor

DataRobot, the Boston-based automated machine learning startup, had a bushel of announcements this morning as it expanded its platform to give technical and non-technical users alike something new. It also announced it has acquired Zepl, giving it an advanced development environment where data scientists can bring their own code to DataRobot. The two companies did not share the acquisition price.

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Mythic raises $70M to disrupt AI chips with analog and flash components


Mythic has raised $70 million to fund the analog-based AI processors it plans to launch later this year. Mythic has spent nine years coming up with a patented, potentially disruptive way to compete with other makers of artificial intelligence chips. The company emphasizes energy efficiency and lower cost with its design that focuses on analog technology integrated with dense flash memory,

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Redwood Software raises $379M for enterprise process automation

Redwood workbench

Redwood Software, a provider of cloud-based business and IT process automation solutions, today announced a €315 million (~$379.97 million) strategic investment from growth equity firm Turn River Capital. Redwood says the funds — which represent its first external financing — will be put toward accelerating product development as it looks to grow its customer base.AI Funding

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Cycode raises $20M to secure DevOps pipelines


Israeli security startup Cycode, which specializes in helping enterprises secure their DevOps pipelines and prevent code tampering, today announced that it has raised a $20 million Series A funding round led by Insight Partners. Seed investor YL Ventures also participated in this round, which brings the total funding in the company to $24.6 million.

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One-third of organizations are using AI, IBM survey finds

One-third of organizations are using AI, IBM survey finds

1/3 of plan to invest in AI skills over next 12 month, 43% rollout accelerated as a result of the pandemic with customer service is top use case, NLP at the forefront, 1/4 will use AI tech in 2021, and 90% want ability to explain how AI arrived at a decision is important. AI systems will reach $77.6 B in 2022

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Peritus AI knowledge network

The New Generation of Knowledge Networks: An exponential opportunity to bridge the cloud-native expert knowledge gap. Demand and supply. These are two of the key principles of modern economics, and they are fully applicable to the current job market. Scarce resources such as specialized talent and knowledge are precious, and they are becoming even more important nowadays because cloud-native and other advanced technologies are being widely adopted.

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DeepMind wants to reimagine one of the most important Algorithms in Machine Learning

In recent years, PCA techniques have hit a bottleneck in large scale deep learning scenarios. Originally designed for mechanical devices, traditional PCA is formulated as an optimization problem which is hard to scale across large computational clusters. A multi-agent approach to PCA might be able to leverage vast computational resources and produce better optimizations in modern dep learning problems.

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AI is behind the creation of BMW’s new art cars

BMW art cars

Innovation and novelty are the tag words of any business or organization that has managed to leave a lasting mark. In fact, it is the freshness and the innovative streak that keep the customers hooked to the product. The German automaker, BMW is known for its innovative approaches which have kept it in line with success and popularity, helping it to create an elite space of its own.

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