DataRobot CEO Dan Wright coming to TC Sessions: SaaS to discuss role of data in machine learning

TC sessions event

Boston-based DataRobot, a late-stage startup that has built a platform to help companies navigate the machine learning model lifecycle, has been raising money by the bushel over the last several years, including $206 million in September 2019 and another $300 million in July. DataRobot CEO Dan Wright will be joining us on a panel to discuss the role of data in business at TC Sessions: SaaS on October 27th.

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DataRobot’s Busy Day: Nabs $300M in Series G Funding and acquires Algorithmia


In a move to solidify its position in the emerging market for enterprise AI platforms, DataRobot today announced the completion of a $300 million Series G round of funding. The Boston company also announced the acquisition of MLOps provider Algorithmia for an undisclosed sum.

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2021 AI Data Science Platforms (end-to-end)

2021 AI Data Science Platforms

There are many commercial and open-source machine AI Data Science Platforms in the market today.  As organizations recognize the need, and assess the question of ‘on-premise or off-premise’, they will evaluate the end-to-end model lifecycle for developing and deploying AI. This article explores a high level overview of the various AI Data Science Platforms available, taking a look at the challengers, giants and open-source systems that look promising in 2021.

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Best MLOps Platforms to Manage Machine Learning Lifecycle

MLOps Platforms

The machine learning lifecycle is the process of developing machine learning projects in an efficient manner. Building and training a model is a difficult, long process, but it’s just one step of your whole task. There’s a long process behind the machine learning lifecycle: collecting data, preparing data, analyzing, training, and testing the model. 

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Algorithmia’s latest tools aim to solve ML governance challenges

Rubic's Cube

Algorithmia is today debuting new reporting tools which aim to solve machine learning (ML) governance challenges. Research conducted by the company found that the number one challenge organisations are facing with their deployments is governance. 56 percent of the IT leaders surveyed by Algorithmia ranked governance, security, and auditability issues as a major concern. […]

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Band of AI startups launch ‘rebel alliance’ for interoperability

Server stack

The AI Infrastructure Alliance wants to improve interoperability between tools and frameworks made by small to medium-size AI startups. More than 20 AI startups have banded together to create the AI Infrastructure Alliance in order to build a software and hardware stack for machine learning and adopt common standards.

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Algorithmia: AI budgets are increasing but deployment challenges remain

A new report from Algorithmia has found that enterprise budgets for AI are rapidly increasing but significant deployment challenges remain. Algorithmia’s 2021 Enterprise Trends in Machine Learning report features the views of 403 business leaders involved with machine learning initiatives. Diego Oppenheimer, CEO of Algorithmia, says: “COVID-19 has caused rapid change which has challenged our…

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Algorithmia announces Insights for ML model performance monitoring

Seattle-based Algorithmia has announced Insights, a solution for monitoring the performance of machine learning models. Algorithmia specialises in artificial intelligence operations and management. The company is backed by Google LLC and focuses on simplifying AI projects for enterprises just getting started. Diego Oppenheimer, CEO of Algorithmia, says: “Organisations have specific needs when it comes to…

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