InVia Robotics raises $30M for warehouse robotics push

InViva Robotics

InVia Robotics, an industrial robotics company based in Los Angeles, California, today announced that it raised $30 million in series C financing co-led by Microsoft’s M12 Ventures and Qualcomm, with participation from Hitachi. InVia says that the new tranche of equity funding will be used to support its growth, specifically through adopting Qualcomm’s Robotics RB5 Platform and drawing on AI expertise from Hitachi and Microsoft.

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Orum raises $25M to automate outbound sales workflows


Sales support platform Orum today announced that it closed a $25 million series A funding round led by Craft Ventures, with participation from several existing backers. The funding brings the company’s total raised to $29 million at a $125 million valuation, and cofounder and CEO Jason Dorfman says the round will be put toward general expansion, mostly focused on product, customer service, and international market expansion.

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Miso Robotics names Christopher Kruger new CTO and expands Board Of Advisors to scale and grow in new markets

Miso robotics

Miso Robotics  the startup transforming the foodservice industry with Intelligent Automation  proudly introduces its newly appointed Chief Technology Officer, Christopher Kruger, in addition to an expanded Board of Advisors comprised of industry experts William (Bill) Mitchell, John Inwright and Jane Gannaway.

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Where is the ROI in Artificial Intelligence deployments?

Miniature robots

Anyone with any doubts about the interest in AI and its use across enterprise technologies only needs to look at the example of the Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) market and the kind of verticals that are investing in it to quash those doubts. According to the Everest Group’s recently published report, Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) State of the Market Report 2021 (purchase required) the market for this segment alone is estimated at $700-750 million in 2020 and expected to grow at a rate of 55-65% over the next year. 

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Fully automating your ML Pipelines with the AWS CI/CD Tools

Infrastructure engineers

A guide to building an automated MLOps pipeline by leveraging the trusted DevOps toolset. Throughout the past few years, Machine Learning (ML) saw an exponential rise in popularity thanks to the advancements led by companies like Google and Facebook, along with the contributions of the open-source community. And since it can be applied to a very broad range of use-cases, nearly every company in the world started leveraging ML and integrating it in its processes.

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[Podcast] Why AI & ML Engineers should incorporate Value Sensitive Design into their Models

Today, many people realize that the shifting paradigms of AI, automation, and digital transformation will disrupt numerous human-involved processes, but few ponder how those disruptions will affect ethics and equity and principles of justice. Fewer still contemplate how to address these technoethical challenges, and what framework should be applied in doing so. Enter Steven Umbrello, Managing Director at the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies.

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Impact of AI on software development and Testing - Ethical and productivity implications of…

Application development platforms

AI technology is changing the working process of software engineers and test engineers. It is promoting productivity, quality, and speed. Businesses use AI algorithms to improve everything from project planning and estimation to quality testing and the user experience. Application development continues to evolve in its sophistication, while the business increasingly expects solutions to be delivered faster than ever.

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VisiQuate, Inc. announces $50 million equity investment to advance AI-Powered digital innovation in Healthcare Revenue Cycle Data Management and Analytics


VisiQuate, Inc., the leading provider of advanced analytics and AI-powered automation offerings to America’s most respected healthcare providers, announced a new $50 million equity investment from Sixth Street Growth.

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Ansible vs Docker: A detailed comparison of DevOps Tools

Ansible vs Docker

DevOps tools are certain software services that ensure transparency, automation, and collaboration for organizations to stay at the forefront of the value stream. Hence, there are a wide variety of DevOps tools available for every requirement. In this article, we will be exploring two DevOps Tools in particular, Ansible and Docker. 

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Former Google Executive Dave Botkin joins Fractal as a Strategic Advisor


Fractal, a global leader in artificial intelligence and analytics, powering decision-making in Fortune 500 companies, announced that Dave Botkin, former Senior Director – Marketing Analytics at Google, has joined the company as a strategic advisor. Dave will help support Fractal’s rapid growth by providing strategic inputs, deepen engagement with marquee clients & expand its reach in the Bay Area.

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Achieving digital transformation through RPA and process mining

Finger key

Alp Uguray is an award-winning technologist, adviser and investor with 2x UiPath (MVP) Most Valuable Professional Award and is a globally recognized expert on intelligent automation, AI (artificial intelligence), RPA, process mining and enterprise digital transformation.

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How AI & Automation can help reduce workplace stress

Workplace stress relief

Workplace stress is one of the leading causes for people leaving their jobs and the drop in employee productivity; businesses in the US alone lose up to $300 billion in annual revenue due to this. Globally, the work stress levels keep rising, and to succeed, businesses need to find a way to help their employees healthily manage their stress.

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[Podcast] Why taming Unstructured content might be AI’s greatest Enterprise accomplishment

People of a certain age will fondly remember an American TV game show called “Name That Tune”, where contestants won prizes for correctly identifying a song with as few notes as possible played by an orchestra. Name That Tune offers a fitting analogy to explain Indico’s value proposition — automating complex processes involving unstructured content, using as little as 200 sample documents for its AI model to learn from. With just a fraction of what their competitors require, Indico can name that tune (automate unstructured content workflows) in very few notes (documents), using a proprietary “transfer learning” algorithm. Since Forrester Research estimates that up to 85% of all enterprise content is unstructured, this represents a huge untapped opportunity.

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Moveworks raises $200M to automate enterprise IT tasks


Moveworks, a platform designed to automate support at work, today announced that it closed a $200 million series C funding round led by Tiger Global and Alkeon Capital, with participation from Lightspeed Venture Partners, Sapphire Ventures, Bain Capital, ICONIQ Growth, and Kleiner Perkins. The proceeds bring the company’s total raised to $315 million and value the company at $2.1 billion post-money, representing one of the largest investments in an AI platform for employee service to date.

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Versa Networks raises $84M to protect cloud networks


Versa Networks, a security vendor in the software-defined networking space, today announced that it closed an $84 million series D funding round co-led by Princeville Capital and RPS Ventures, with additional participation from Sequoia Capital, an existing investor. CEO Kelly Ahuja says that the proceeds — which bring Versa’s total raised to $196 million — will be put toward scaling the company’s platform and expanding its marketing and global sales teams.

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Kellogg exec on AI uses cases, implementation, and ‘culture change’

Shipping yard

In this era of evolving technology, organizations must be highly adaptive to succeed. A Statistics report reveals that before the pandemic over 4.7 million people in the U.S. were working remotely at least half the time — a percentage that has since increased. And fully 75% of people using digital channels for the first time indicate that they’ll continue to use them when things return to a post-pandemic “normal.”

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Graylog nabs $18M to manage and analyze log data


Graylog, a platform for collecting, indexing, and analyzing log messages, today announced that it completed an $18 million growth equity round led by new investor Harbert Growth Partners and coinvestor Piper Sandler Merchant Banking. CEO Andy Grolnick says that the funds, which bring Graylog’s total raised to $28.5 million, will support the company’s growth as it looks to become a leader in the log management and analytics market.

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Drata nabs $25M to automate security compliance processes


Compliance and security automation startup Drata today announced that it closed a $25 million series A round led by GGV capital, with participation from Okta Ventures and Silicon Valley CISO Investors. The capital, which comes six months after the company’s initial seed round and launch out of stealth, will be put toward hiring across key go-to-market functions and the expansion of Drata’s into new security frameworks.

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