The EU and U.S. are on track to ban AI, handing the 21st century to China

Compliance - regulation

The European Union has chronically failed to produce any notable tech unicorns — billion-dollar startups. Its recent move to regulate (I would say criminalize) AI technology, if implemented, will setback the EU to the dark ages, and hand the future of tech to China. Instead of supporting these moves as it has, the Biden administration must embrace and support a future of growth and advancement — a future that promotes use of AI, for the sake of the economy, society and above all, national security.

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These green tech companies are planning to capitalize on President Biden’s infrastructure plan – here’s how

Virgin hyperloop one

When Virgin Hyperloop cofounder Josh Giegel saw the Biden Administration’s infrastructure proposal, he couldn’t help but think some details sounded familiar. The American Jobs Plan calls for “the second great railroad revolution” — trains that are faster, cleaner, and more energy-efficient, which is the kind of technology Giegel’s California-based company has been working on since 2014. As such, Giegel has little doubt the company will be able to capitalize on America’s push toward greener infrastructure.

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Google targets AI ethics lead Margaret Mitchell after firing Timnit Gebru

Google has revoked Ethical AI team leader Margaret “Meg” Mitchell’s employee privileges and is currently investigating her activity, according to a statement provided by a company spokesperson. Should Google fire Mitchell, it will mean the company has effectively chosen to behead its own AI ethics team in under two months.

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Incoming White House science and technology leader on AI, diversity, and society

Technologies like artificial intelligence and human genome editing “reveal and reflect even more about the complex and sometimes dangerous social architecture that lies beneath the scientific progress that we pursue,” said Dr. Alondra Nelson today as part of the introduction of the Biden administration science team. On Friday, the Biden transition team appointed Nelson to the position of OSTP deputy director for science and society. Biden will be sworn in Wednesday to officially become the 46th president of the United States.

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How ethical hackers are trying to protect the 2020 U.S. elections

After the surprising outcome of the 2016 U.S. presidential election, many have feared that the country’s voting system is vulnerable to external attacks. In response, loosely affiliated groups of “ethical hackers” have been pooling their resources to research the issues and sound the alarm.

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