Artificial Intelligence (AI) for disease diagnosis

Disease Diagnosis

Health is undoubtedly the most important factor in life. In 2019, 58.39 million people died and 2020 is projected to claim 59.23 million lives. The top three causes of global death rates are cardiovascular, respiratory, and neonatal disorders. Despite all scientific research and development, diseases are still a major threat to existence. As AI is transforming almost all the aspects of our lives, researchers felt the dire need to incorporate artificial intelligence in combating the disease.

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Evaluating the accuracy of AI trends predictions made by Top Enterprise Leaders – then and Now

At the beginning of 2019, enterprise leaders from different top tech companies predicted Artificial Intelligence (AI), data science, and machine learning trends for future years. After two years, we reviewed their AI predictions to find out how accurately they predicted the developments in AI. Our team further studied and analyzed their predictions to give them a ranking.

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Use of AI to predict Relationship satisfaction


Can machines love? Perhaps this question will remain unanswered till unknown future. But one thing is certain, Artificial Intelligence based machine can calculate and predict if you are in love. This idea is so amazing that how can a machine that has no emotions, no free will can determine the love between two individuals. Thank to artificial intelligence that uses certain pieces of information to determine whether love is real or fake.

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Zillow: Building a Big Data pipeline to process Clickstream Data

Clickstream data is one of the largest and most important datasets within Zillow. The data set contains a log of a series of page requests, actions, user clicks and other web activity from the millions of home shoppers and sellers visiting Zillow sites every month. The data powers many reporting dashboards and helps us answers complex business questions.

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