Why AIOps is critical for Pandemic business recovery

AIOps platform

Artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) is the solution many businesses need to free up resources and return their focus to innovation. The data speaks for itself—the AIOps market was valued at $13.51 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow by more than 200% to $40.51 billion over the next five years. AIOps presents several benefits to enterprises, like automating mundane tasks, providing actionable reporting and improving risk management.

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ServiceNow acquires Lightstep to gain Observability Platform

Roadrunner service dashboard

ServiceNow today announced it has acquired Lightstep as part of an effort to add an observability platform to its IT operations portfolio. Terms of the deal, expected to close this quarter, were not disclosed. The Change Intelligence observability platform from Lightstep is based on a time-series database that is capable of processing a trillion events each day. It was built by the same team that created Monarch, the globally distributed in-memory time series database system that Google employs to monitor its applications and systems.

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Key NoOps insights from DevOps Leaders

Man set to run

NoOps is coming, in some form or another. Whether you have homegrown DevOps or outsourced DevOps, it’s time to realize that a simpler way is coming: NoOps automation. We spoke with a group of IT pros to get their perspective and insights, including James Rutt, CIO, The Dana Foundation; Rahul Subramaniam, CEO, DevFactory; and Mark Hahn, director of DevOps and cloud strategies, Ciber Global.

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The importance of incorporating DesignOps into DevOps

Business structure

Design is a critical software project element that often goes unnoticed by those writing code. After all, coders and implementers tend to take the design process for granted and leave the look and feel of applications to the designers. In the days of waterfall based development, design was one of the first steps in the development sequence of creating a new application. However, with Agile and DevOps development practices, design became disconnected from the overall process.

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5 steps to successful DevOps culture

Colored chairs

The late business management guru Peter Drucker coined the phrase, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast,” and the phrase has endured through the years. Your people must be passionate and enthusiastic about executing business strategy, or it – and your business – is doomed to fail. But remember that company culture itself needs a strategy to complement the business.
DevOps, too, will not succeed without the right culture…

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The promise of AI for DevOps in 2021

Heads on code

DevOps is a natural target for AI-driven efficiencies, as it involves frequently repeated processes that generate mountains of data. It seems reasonable to expect that, like other domains that require decisions to be made based on large volumes of data, AI will play an important role in DevOps, too. Definitions of AI vary considerably, so […]

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DevOps myths debunked

Truth maze

Leaders need not be DevOps experts, but they need to distinguish DevOps myths and realities to lead their digital transformation projects. As I indicated in a recent article, Engineering Practices Can Overcome DevOps Challenges, leaders need to set an inspiring DevOps directional vision for the organization, and proactively stimulate and sponsor team activities toward goals. […]

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